The Flying Turtle: Brushstrokes of Love and Sustainability

Holding each other close and their passion even closer is the mother-daughter duo of The Flying Turtle. The Korea-based business speaks of the love and compassion that its creators, Michelle Chung and her mother, have for painting, traveling, literature, and all things alike. What started as a dream to make ordinary things around more beautiful has turned into a successful business over time. 

Designs that are exceptional require the artist to acquire similar sensory capabilities. Michelle’s mother has been traveling round the world for over 50 years, absorbing the cultural influences of diverse countries and introducing them to her work. Michelle too has worked along with famous celebrities for twenty years as a professional broadcasting writer, learning the finer nuances from them. That makes her carry an acute sense of what’s truly novel and standout work of art and what’s just ordinary. 

When it came to branding their venture, Michelle chose ‘The Flying Turtle’. The name carries a special meaning for them, as it connects with a dream to fly. The ‘turtle’ in the name also references Michelle’s nickname, and gives the brand a homely feel. 

My mother is my source of inspiration. Her work as a writer and painter has always brought her happiness and I chose to follow in her footsteps and started The Flying Turtle. Working with her has evolved me so much it feels like I made a good decision,” says Michelle.

At the age of 87, Michelle’s mother continues to create magic with her hands that have known painting and writing so dearly. Her love for exploring culture reflects in how she puts art on blank canvases. Much like her mother, Michelle is a media writer too, pouring out her creativity into every design. Together, they have managed to create a little universe that prioritizes nature and its beautiful creatures.

Their eco-friendly approach is what makes the brand stand out from the rest. With just a click on the website, customers get to choose from a wide range of products such as wall art, pillows, covers, tapestry, rugs, and mats. And that’s not all, as there’s also a dedicated section for unisex t-shirts and baby clothing. To make shopping a great experience, they introduce discounts and promos for the customers.

At The Flying Turtle, Michelle and her mother religiously work to spread happiness with their sustainable products. With their magic wand, the duo promises to swoosh away any worries of quality and on-time delivery. So sit back and enjoy a ride through the colorful world of The Flying Turtle.

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