Autistic Entrepreneur Raises Awareness of Autism and Stress Relief Remedies

Story By: Ron Kerronian

When you think of an Angel, most people think of Halos and Majestic Wings. However, not all angels come in that standard format. Some simply come with a Big Heart, a “can do” spirit, persistence, talent, and a burning need to make the world just a bit better. – Meet Jalen; Co-founder of Jalen’s Mix and an autistic angel.

Jalen and his team have created not only a product but a movement. One that helps spread awareness about autism, the health dangers of uncontrolled and unchecked daily stress, and the unprecedented unemployment rate in the autistic community.

Jalen’s mix uses the relaxing, healing, and calming properties of several ancient and time-tested essential oils (Clary Sage, Geranium, Lavender, and Ylang Ylang) to create a highly effective remedy. It eases away any stressful, anxious, or depressive day. In addition, Jalen’s Mix uses the power of aromatherapy to create a controlled and relaxed environment. Your safe oasis of sorts.

Their mission is to be a platform to help relieve, calm, and distress countless individuals suffering from stress, Anxiety, Depression, and that “bad day” we all suffer from time to time.

Jalen and the entire Jalen’s Mix family would like to invite you to try this unique blend for yourself. Visit In addition, As a special thank you gift for reading this article, Jalen and his team would like to give you a few invaluable tips that will help Calm and Destress your Senses daily.

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