Author, Chayla Cooper, Creates African American Children Book Series That Tackles Emotional Challenges

The Cool Kid Cason™ book series is for children between the ages of 3 to 11 years old and helps them navigate their emotional intelligence, develop self confidence, and adopt an optimistic approach towards life!

USA – When it comes to reading, one cannot deny the many benefits it offers. From instilling empathy to understanding different cultures and expanding one’s horizon, one cannot negate the  numerous ways reading helps an individual become a better person. Specifically, when it comes to early-age reading, these benefits multiply. Though there are so many amazing storybooks available on the market, finding books that truly create an impact in children’s lives, sometimes becomes a bit challenging. Responding to the great influence of mainstream media and the isolating impact of the pandemic, children are more apt to adopt self reliant tendencies and habits that can be insensitive to others around them. To combat this silent effect of the pandemic, it has become necessary to provide children with the right education on how to navigate through the wilderness of their emotions.

Children’s author Chayla Cooper, launched the Cool Kid Cason™ book series aimed at helping the next generation become more aware of their emotions, improve their communication, and establish self confidence from an early age. Starring an African American family, Cool Kid Cason™ is the oldest son in a loving household who allows him to express his gambit of emotions, yet guiding him along the way in healthy ways to express these feelings.

“As children grow up, they need help navigating through different challenges that arise. We know what to do for scrapes and bruises, but what about self esteem, confidence, and healthy communication? I wanted to create a series where kids who looked like me could feel seen and heard, even when they don’t know how to express themselves. From dealing with anger, embarrassment, and even grief, I wanted to incorporate everyday scenarios that children find themselves in and often don’t have anyone to show them how to navigate through these emotions without hurting themselves or others.” Shares Cooper.

“I believe that my generation is more in tune with our emotional intelligence, and I see the changes that are being made socially to help children use their voices more. By Creating the Cool Kid Cason™ series, I wanted to provide resources that parents, teachers, and counselors could use to help ease through tough conversation.”

Whispered to be a ten part book series, The Cool Kid Cason™ collection currently includes the titles: Cool Kid Cason Gets Angry, Cool Kind Cason Feels Embarrassed, and Cool Kid Cason Learns to Grieve.  Now available on Amazon and Barnes And Noble for purchase. To get further updates about the author and the latest releases, follow the Instagram page (@chaylacooper).

About the Author:

Chayla Cooper, M.B.A, is an African American author residing in Austin, Texas. With five children’s books currently on the market, Chayla shares her hope for the future through the kind lessons of love, elevation, and family throughout her work.

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