The Whitecube Executive Design Studio is Inspiring Industry Professionals with Creative Spaces to Test New Ideas

Following the success of our pilot program during the pandemic, Whitecube Business Events LLC, is pleased to announce the launch of our novel digital event — The Whitecube Executive Design Studio. This new event stream is the diamond in the crown of Whitecube’s four event streams. Taking inspiration from the highly creative and experiential realms of gallery and museum aesthetic, Whitecube will bring a fresh wave of creativity and engagement to the otherwise staid business event space.  

Whitecube’s mission is to bring an “awareness to the art of conversations without any overbearing ideology, story or message.” Instead, Whitecube Business Events provides a neutral, supremely staffed, well-appointed vessel for businesses to create their meaning. Everything is individually curated down to the event venue in the name of building an environment conducive to creativity and forging of new ideas.

As we’ve seen in the pilot programs over the last year, the underlying creativity of Whitecube’s event architecture moves and motivates businesses to expand their influence across teams, partners, community or other professionals. Here, there are no blank spaces but a thoughtfully curated Whitecube for businesses.  It is a moveable, highly-customizable, yet indelible container,” shares Romasha Nath, Founder and Curator for Whitecube Business Events LLC.

In the conversational workshop of the Whitecube Executive Design Studio, it takes only a short, two-hour encounter to expand and test creative ideas. Whitecube offers four other event streams, mainly for high-growth, mid-sized businesses looking to scale rapidly. These are: Whitecube Crossings for international businesses entering the U.S. market, Whitecube Kintsugi, designed to foster dialogue between partners and collaborators, Whitecube on a Terrace, for mini conferences, and Moonshot Moments by Whitecube, for celebrations, launches, strategy reviews and so on.

Whitecube offers only the things foremost in every executives’ mind — improvisation, creative program design, blending of high touch with high tech, affordable pricing, a global mindset and cultural fluency.  Made up of creative professionals from highly-varied, and accomplished,  backgrounds, the team carries an acute attention to detail, so it naturally understands and tailors event strategies for small, high-growth businesses and individual professionals. Whitecube’s global underpinnings and a keen sense of design bring style within reach to every firm, even when there may be other constraints such as budget or less time for advance planning.  

After the initial sessions, we have seen several industry leaders and executives ecstatically recommend the Whitecube Executive Design Studio.  A senior professional found it all “well worth his time” as he got the opportunity to reflect on his own progress, and meet other professionals from around the world for inspiration. Others have found the event “energizing and far more engaging than a typical networking event.” One thing that stood out was the fertile testing ground for ideas and creativity. Participants from the legal and medical fields liked its collaborative quality and access to international networking. 

Whitecube Business Events LLC is headed by the Founder, Romasha Nath. Romasha holds a master’s degree from Parsons School of Design, The New School, New York.  She holds an extensive portfolio of Events and Exhibitions which she has hosted and curated throughout her decade long entrepreneurial career.  Previously, she held an award-winning career in management consulting with the Big 4 firms.  Romasha is backed by an impressive cadre of equity partners and a few younger team members.  As the firm expands, Whitecube Business Events LLC will be making other key management and board appointments.

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