BPI Strategy Group Joins Mojo Platinum Calendar Buster Program

Business and Marketing Strategy company joins Mojo Platinum Calendar Buster program, helps businesses generate more revenue and profit.

The BPI Strategy Group is pleased to announce that it recently joined the Mojo Platinum Calendar Buster Program. The Group offers Business and Marketing Strategy, Business Coaching, and Business Development Training and Consulting for businesses. As a company, BPI works with local businesses to create business and marketing strategies, messaging and tactics to help them generate more revenue and profit.

Currently, the Group is helping business owners recover from the COVID-mandated shutdown by offering free strategy sessions that will help business owners get their business back as close to normal as possible. In light of this, the Group is offering veteran business owners one year of free access to their online e-learning center and virtual business owner MBA. Here, veteran business owners will be taught 30 business fundamentals that most don’t know. This package also includes their online Group Coaching Program and Financial Training Program with over $11,000 in value.

The BPI Strategy Group is managed by Walter Wise who is very active in the veteran community, helping veterans start and grow businesses. He spent five years as the CEO and Executive Director of the Northeast Veterans Business Resource Center, one of 15 Veterans Business Outreach Centers in the US. The Center worked with almost 9000 veterans, teaching the art of entrepreneurship, training, supporting, and mentoring veterans who wanted to start a business or had one and needed to grow and expand. According to Wise, ‘‘Every business is unique. Your marketing strategy must be consistent with your goals and voice. That’s why we take the time to understand and offer a business and marketing strategy and plan that accomplishes theirr goals while increasing engagement and awareness with your target market.’’ Renowned as a Marketing Strategist and Strategic Business Advisor Wise has authored several books including 45 Minute Business Breakthroughs and Digital Marketing Strategies For Local Businesses.

According to Brian Anderson, “I met Walt Wise and BPI Strategy Group in 2014.  While I own a marketing agency in the Atlanta, GA market – I often look for other experts to help me from a strategy standpoint. Walt and the BPI team helped me craft a marketing strategy to generate new exclusive inbound leads for my business.  We incorporated LinkedIn with some custom tracking to prove the ROI in a way I hadn’t considered before.  Honestly – it was a brilliant approach that has had a very real impact on our agency. If you need help with marketing strategy, I highly recommend the BPI Strategy Group.”

For more information, please visit the company’s website https://www.bpistrategy.com

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