Secure Online Payments in Zomato App with a Free VPN Service

Food delivery is one of the most thriving business concepts since the COVID-19 pandemic shocked the world. Even the high-end restaurants embraced the changes as these food outlets gave in to the thought of delivering food anywhere instead of forcing the worldly idea that the best cuisines should be eaten inside an atelier. Also, with the globe being more cautious, cashless transactions are one of the best ways to lessen social interaction.

That is why Zomato’s online payment option is making rounds in the food industry. With several restaurants to choose from, internet users just have to pick a restaurant, select from a wide array of menu, then pay by inputting one’s banking information. All that’s left to do is wait for the food to be delivered.

And although Zomato is an advocate of online safety, the fact that the app is a public space on the web makes it prone to cyberthieves, especially when users have to key-in valuable data like name, contact numbers, and credit card details.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to add a layer of cybersecurity in one’s Zomato account; and that is by connecting to a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

With a VPN, Zomato users would not have to worry about online threats. A VPN organizes a secure connection between the internet and the user’s device. As a result, the user’s online data will be concealed from everyone, including the third parties roaming around cyberspace.

Online breachers and hackers would not be able to trace and record user’s online activities. This is very helpful especially when Zomato users input credit card information.

As for choosing the right VPN, Zomato users must connect to a high quality, trusted, and reliable VPN app like GoingVPN.

GoingVPN is a free VPN app that provides premium services. It offers max speed to avoid hassle like lags and buffers. 

Also, GoingVPN has unlimited data bandwidth that helps users be protected at any given time, even 24/7. GoingVPN’s data has no expiration so as long as the VPN switch is ‘on,’ users won’t have to worry about cybersecurity.

Not to mention, with GoingVPN’s tight encryption process, users are guaranteed of online privacy. This feature is perfect for Zomato users especially when ordering food, as significant information like address and banking details will be hidden from cyber hackers who are lurking for next gambits.


The collective efforts of merchants and consumers in ending the pandemic is very helpful as it reflects a society of togetherness. But with the involvement of technology, it is possible that the online safety of people can be compromised.

That is why a VPN app like GoingVPN is a huge aid in assuring internet users’ online protection anytime.

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