Athina Bailey Uses Manifestation Techniques To Grow Her Online Business

How this young entrepreneur is using manifestation to scale her online business.

Athina Bailey has changed the way we relate to business in today’s world. Being a modern online business woman, she uses her spiritual gifts and beliefs to grow her business.

As a kinesiologist and clairvoyant, she works with holistic healing techniques and law of attraction strategies to scale her online business. She breaks many of these down in her podcast Light Leaders and believes it’s possible for anyone to use and implement. See her podcast here:

Athina shares her top strategies when using the law of attraction for business success:

Firstly, setting an intention and making success a non-negotiable. Athina recommends committing to a clear and tangible outcome, such as a specific dollar amount.

When someone becomes clear about what outcome they’re looking to manifest they activate their reticular activating system. The reticular activating system creates a filter, allowing a person to focus on what they want. It sifts through data a person receives so that only the pieces that are important are received.

Secondly, identify any potential limiting beliefs

The beliefs and stories that someone has can be a massive blocker for success. Through identifying any limiting beliefs and rewriting them, success becomes faster to achieve.

It’s important to become aware of and identify fears and stressors around success to identify fear of failure and/or fear of success. Athina recommends putting time aside daily to work through these with positive mantras to reprogram them.

Thirdly, visualise the successful outcome

Spending time each day visualising the success works on the ‘like attracts like’ premise of the law of attraction. By spending time each day visualising the successful outcome, the law of attraction is activated.

And lastly, gratitude.

Act as if it is already manifested. Through gratitude, we bring emotion to the visualisation which amplifies the ‘like attracts like’ premise of the law of attraction.

Simply expressing and feeling gratitude that the manifestation is already on its way is an effective way to do this.

Athina commits to doing these steps on a daily basis and has created many resources to support her clients in manifesting holistic business success.

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