Crozdesk Proclaims EmailOversight as Top Ranked Quality Choice Solution in 2021

EmailOversight is an American email validation and management company. The brand was awarded the Top Ranked Quality Choice Solution email validation medal by Crozdesk web service.

Plucking out spam emails from relevant ones consumes hours of precious time, but fortunately, the advent of high-tech software companies has simplified the process drastically. 

EmailOversight was declared as one of the most versatile and accurate email management and validation companies by thousands of satisfied customers across the globe. Their global accuracy rating encompasses 99.5% of accurately verified results, multi-method email validation process across more than 156 countries, and beyond 50 billion verified emails up to date.

“EmailOversight provides a smarter way to clean emails through our multi-method validation approach. We combine both real-time email verification and email hygiene, which identifies more hard bounces and email threats such as spam traps, complainers, bots, litigators, and more. By simply removing these harmful email addresses, it will increase email deliverability performance, help create conversions, increase website traffic, raise engagement rates, and improve sender reputation.”

The brand’s product packages include email validation, phone verification, email activity, data enrichment, and postal validation, all of which are available at several price options. Email Hygiene+ is regarded as one of the company’s finest features, described as:

“EmailOversight provides the most advanced process to clean emails through a proprietary multi-method validation process that combines both email hygiene and real-time email verification. Clean emails through a validation process that combines both email hygiene and real-time email verification.”

Thousands of satisfied customers have backed the brand on,,, and numerous other reviewing platforms. 

Crozdesk’s review awarded EmailOversight 77 out of 100 points, awarding it with the Quality Choice badge for 2021. Other contestants in this particular bout were Salesforce Marketing, ZohoCampaigns, MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, and MailerLite. 

One of the most concise reviews on G2 praised EmailOversight’s accuracy, stating:

“Most accurate email hygiene and validation product I’ve ever used. When we were looking at email verification vendors, we evaluate the accuracy, speed, and pricing. After an exhaustive review of over 10 vendors, we settled with EmailOversight because of Hygiene + Real-time email verification. No other vendor could verify Yahoo, AOL and Verizon like EO and our sales rep has been incredibly responsive.”

Another review taken from was posted on, claiming that their EmailOversight experience was phenomenal:

“The way it manages and coordinates all emails is exceptional. It also offers a rare email feature. It is a brilliant emails management platform.”

EmailOversight offers an abundance of valuable resources on their website, detailing their services and features, as well as a brief Email Validation Result Table legend. Education-wise, the brand also features a blog where visitors and potential customers can learn more about email sender reputation, the negative effects of spam emails, marketing trends in recent years, and more.

More information about EmailOversight can be found on the brand’s official website.

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