iPhone Screen Wholesale Becoming the Leading Supply of iPhone and Samsung LCD Screens Across 30 Countries

iPhone Screen Wholesale is a professional manufacturer of smartphone parts and offers premium quality iPhone and Samsung LCD screens to refurbish factories, insurance companies, repair companies and network carriers!

China – In the recent past, smartphones have become a necessity for people, accompanying them wherever they go. Though the digital world is quickly evolving, and so are smartphones and their models, one of the primary things that makes these phones great is their LCD screens. With the launch of new models every year, some people purchase the newer smartphones, while others decide to continue with the ones that are already in use. However, sometimes these phones get damaged, be it the screen or other parts of the smartphone. Especially, when it comes to damaged LCD screens of Smartphones, one of the ideal solutions is getting them replaced. The manufacturers of smartphone screens and smartphone parts play a vital role in making this possible and getting all sorts of phone parts to its customers.  iPhone Screen Wholesale, a leading manufacturer of smartphone parts has established itself as the go-to company for the supply of iPhone and Samsung LCD screens. The Firm supplies premium quality LCD screens for almost all models of iPhone and Smartphone models, with the core focus of keeping the satisfaction of customers its top priority. 

Established in 2010, the company has made a reputation for its exceptional wholesale services across the world. iPhoneScreenWholesale has specialized in the development, production and selling of LCD screens and, since 2017, has successfully expanded to 2500 squares. What’s impressive is that the company has also built dust-free workshops, with a monthly LCD screen production capacity of over ninety thousand pcs. iPhone Screen Wholesale takes pride in its passionate and highly creative team that is committed to technical innovation and providing improved LCD screens to smartphone users. Along with providing OEM service, the company also offers a full range of solutions for its clients’ needs, keeping their satisfaction at the core.

We have a powerful R&D team, they are passionate, creative and insistent, commit themselves to the technical innovation and product improvement of smart phone LCD screens.”

What’s unique about the iPhoneScreenWholesale is that the original LCD manufacture offers LCD Screens that comes with all the premium quality features at the most competitive prices. Hence, the sensitive-touch screen offers smooth to touch, stable without splash, multi-touch identifiable and has colour restoration, providing an out-of-the-world experience for smartphone users. Since all the LCD screens are directed from the factory, the company can offer its premium quality LCD screens at the best prices of all times. The outstanding research and development team of the company is dedicated to providing breakthrough solutions to its users. The QC team iPhoneScreenWholesale ensures strict quality control, and the trained workers are dedicated to improving the quality and efficiency, making sure that every piece of the LCD screen is of premium quality.  

With a rich experience of almost a decade, iPhoneScreenWholesale is engaged in the field of developing and production of both iPhone LCD screens and Samsung screens. The full range of LCDs that the firm supplies include: LCD full assembly with small parts pre-installed, LCD with digitizer and Digitizer and Battery. To date, the original manufacturer has served an array of the customers such as professional distributors, refurbish factories, insurance companies, and repair companies as well as network carriers, among others. The firm has launched its independent QC department to ensure that every unit of its products is produced in high quality. All the materials of iPhone Screen Wholesale are inspected in detail before checking into the warehouse and additionally, all the finished screens are 100% tested in compliance with the approval standards. There is no doubt that the firm provides the perfect value for money, without any compromise on quality assurance.  

“We dedicate ourselves to good customer service to gain customer trust and for a long-term partnership.” 

The Firm offers a one-year warranty to its customers on all the products and allows them to leverage the warrant policy to its fullest when the need be. Besides this, if customers find any concerns or quality issues in the products, then they are encouraged to directly contact the company, return the defective pieces within a month after shipping and get a new replacement for the items shipped. The company adopts friendly and positive customer service and makes itself available to solve queries of customers as quickly as possible. iPhone Screen Wholesale is pleased to serve iPhone LCDs and Samsung Screens in more than 30 countries. Some of these countries include Germany, Italy, Canada, the USA, and Austria etc. With a fusion of high-quality products and incredible customer service, iPhoneScreenWholesale is looking forward to serving more customers and bringing innovative solutions to smartphone users across the world.  

Some of the core values of iPhone Screen Wholesale are: Being Optimistic, Thinking Creative and Solving Problems Pragmatically. Hence, the company makes sure to align its work with these values and produces every product of premium quality. Every customer of iPhone Screen Wholesale is a long-term, satisfied and happy customer. 

“We not only provide high quality LCDs to our customers but also good customer service to offer solutions. We dedicate ourselves to every detail to gain customer trust and satisfaction.”

About the Company

iPhone Screen Wholesale is an iPhone refurbished-original LCD, aftermarket LCD manufacturer. Founded in 2010, the factory of iPhone Screen Whole built its factory in Shenzhen and since 2017, has expanded the factory to 2500 squares. The company specializes in developing, production and selling LCD screens. Since the company is an original manufacturer, it offers LCD screens at wholesale prices without compromising the quality. 

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