Arigami, Tom Middleton, and Edelman Recognised with Automotive Branding Award (SABRE) for their groundbreaking Campaign “Nissan Dream Drive”

The Industry Leaders in Functional Music for Wellbeing, Recognised for Creating the World’s First Zero-Emission Lullaby.

London – Last week, Arigami, Tom Middleton, and Edelman were recognised with the 2021 Superior Achievement in Branding, Reputation and Engagement Award (SABRE) for their participation in the innovative “Dream Drive” campaign developed for Japanese automaker “Nissan”.

The 2021 SABRE Awards included over 400 shortlisted campaigns, selected from more than 2,000 entries from all over the world. The 2021 SABRE “Automotive” Award marks the fifth global industry award that recognises Arigami’s and Tom Middleton’s functional and multisensory pioneering approach to experience design.

“As self-driving vehicles get closer to becoming a reality on our roads, new opportunities for in-car wellbeing are taking center stage. This award represents another confirmation for brands and corporates that wellbeing and sensory design are relevant to every customer, market and sector.” – Ari Peralta, CEO Arigami

Arigami and Tom Middleton are no strangers to the sound and wellness movement. For the past four years, Arigami has been disrupting the design industry by partnering with major brands seeking to apply wellness as a design and engineering framework for the transformative spaces of tomorrow. Meanwhile, Tom Middleton – Electronic musician, Psychoacoustics Sound Designer, DJ, and sleep science coach, is leading the way in a new genre of functional music and soundscapes for wellness. Tom uses a scientific approach for designing tranquil, immersive soundscapes abundant with the sounds of the natural world. He is a top creator for brands including CALM, Silentmode, MassiveMusic and major Luxury Hotels.

With the Nissan Dream Drive campaign, the dynamic duo fused modern neuroscience with immersive sound to bring the importance of sleep, wellbeing, and rest to the forefront of the automotive industry. The World’s first zero-emission lullaby featured a hypnotic soundscape that soothes inconsolable children to sleep. With over 500,000 downloads, across 22 countries, the Nissan Dream Drive was a major success in both engagement and the campaign helped drive car sales up by 17%.

“This was the world’s first collaboration with a car as a featured artist! In addition to the combustion engine frequencies that only children can hear – which help lull them to sleep – every sound you can hear comes from building an orchestra of sounds and rhythms from interior and exterior recordings of the LEAF.” – Tom Middleton. Functional Sound Designer

Without a doubt, the unique functional quality of the Nissan Dream Drive campaign represents the future of sensory marketing. The song itself was designed to help babies fall asleep inside quiet electric vehicles. The creative team fused sounds of the Nissan Leaf with frequencies produced by a standard humming combustion engine to cultivate a restful hum that sings babies to sleep in the backseat. These frequencies included white noise, pink noise, and brown noise to create the base of each track, accompanied by other car-related sounds like key rattling and seat belts clicking for a multi-pronged approach resulting in an idyllic lullaby for any restless baby.

Arigami and Tom Middleton continue to collaborate on breakthrough projects that focus on positive human impact. Through proof of concept, dedication to enabling transformation, and unwavering commitment to providing tangible support for mental wellness; Arigami’s and Tom Middleton’s purpose-driven vision continues to come to fruition.

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About Arigami

Arigami is a well-being and transformative playground at the forefront of neuroscience, technology, and art. Founded in 2017 by Ari Peralta, Arigami uses the strategic implementation of sensory data and experience design to boost mental health and overall mood. Each project begins with a conscious framework designed to boost human wellbeing, mental health, and meaningful connections. Arigami infuses a mix of cutting-edge neuroscience, behavioural psychology, and wearables to validate and scale wellbeing impact.




About Tom Middleotn

Tom Middleton is an award-winning sound designer, sleep coach and pioneer in digital therapeutic and functional music for wellness and performance. He is also a founding member of ambient duo Global Communication, a trained Orchestral ‘Cellist, Designer and former DJ. Certified in Mental Health First Aid, he is a co-chair of the AFEM Health Group. Tom creates empathetic audio and multi-sensory content for apps, experiences and spaces such as sleep music for the mindfulness app Calm. Having toured the world and performed to millions, Tom observed the benefits of sound and is currently studying on the MMB Masters program furthering his knowledge in the areas of cognitive neuroscience and the behavioural psychology of music. Tom believes sleep and sound science, multi-sensory immersive experiences, nature and breathwork can help combat human issues of noise, stress, anxiety, burnout, depression, pain management and insomnia to help us lead happier, healthier and productive lives.




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