Chi Quita Mack’s New Book “The Beauty in You” Helps Women Rediscover Themselves After Motherhood

Soldier, mother, MSW, author, and mommy life coach Chi Quita Mack inspires women to follow their dreams, goals, and aspirations.

“We are more than just mommies.” This is what Chi Quita Mack, MSW reminds fellow mothers who are struggling with feelings of guilt and insecurity and finding themselves lost because of the changes brought about by marriage and motherhood. Having gone through the same journey herself, Chi Quita understands how important it is for women to support women.

Now a Major in the United States Army for 10 years, a Social Worker, Life Coach, wife of 13 years and mother of 3, Chi Quita Mack inspires women to continue living their dreams – bringing out the women entrepreneurs and boss moms within. “As I reflect, my past will never haunt me, it will only remind me of the journey I have overcome,” she says. “This is me, I am she.”

Just recently, Chi Quita also launched her new book “The Beauty in You: A Guide Created to Help You Discover The Best Version of You.” Through this book, readers will be guided on how they can rediscover the women they were before they became a mother, career woman, and/or wife. Its goal is to leave women feeling empowered to act on their dreams, confident in their own skin, and excited for what the future holds.

For more information about Chi Quita Mack and her book, visit and follow her on Instagram and Facebook @thechiquitamack

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The Chi Quita Mack LLC is a safe place that Owner and Founder Chi Quita Mack has created for all women to relax, feel empowered, and be constantly reminded that they have not lost their ability to be who they once were. Apart from the book, the company also offers coaching services, motivational and keynote speaking, and its own official merchandise.

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