MAVIMATT invented the world first one ground point rocking chair called UFO

Mavimatt is an Italian modern furniture manufacturer and retailer. The brand had recently launched the world’s first ground-point rocking chair named UFO, which was met with exceptional feedback among their global customers.

Rocking chairs were invented in 1710, embraced by millions as soon as the innovative product arrived on the market. After more than three centuries of technological advancements, the first ground-point rocking chair was developed by an Italian luxury brand called Mavimatt. 

“MAVIMATT was born with the vision of developing design creations for furniture projected to the future and which sometimes, due to their uniqueness, become works of art. MAVIMATT is a research workshop where creativity is the heart that moves everything, from the first pencil mark to the last magical touch that completes our masterpieces.”

Mavimatt enriched their catalog with UFO, which now complements the Alunite standing lamps, Panama coffee tables, Opera chairs, Meteora furniture, Anubi tables, Ninfea tables, and Holo tables.

The brand patented the Unidentified Furniture Object in 2013 and worked on improving its aesthetics and functionalities before recently releasing it. The luxury design of the UFO rocking chair complements its technical aspects, offering a gorgeous piece of modern furniture that is superior in terms of comfort. 

“UFO as the name suggested Unidentified Furniture Object a great masterpiece of creative art. Unparalleled in its beauty, versatile in its composition, and enhanced by the handcrafted finishes. The Composition of UFO is designed to facilitate the peculiarity and individuality of each person. UFO is an enduring example of Handmade Art to cherish for many years to come.”

The UFO franchise consists of several models, including:

• U.F.O Colore – the Unidentified Furniture Object outfitted with a customized foamed seat
• U.F.O Tailor Made – Custom-designed pieces of this particular UFO rocking chair grant it a unique aesthetic
• U.F.O S – The fresh “S” embodies style, luxury, and comfort
• U.F.O Carbonio – The full carbon fiber UFO is a limited edition rocking chair that offers substantially enhanced sturdiness and a revamped outlook

Mavimatt’s UFO rocking chair was well-received by their global base of customers, which in turn rewarded the brand with numerous positive reviews on both social media and reputable online marketplaces. 

One of the verified customers summarized their feelings and experience with their new UFO chair, stating: 

“I became aware of this Italian brand thanks to a friend of mine who had bought one of their U.F.O. chairs for his house, and as soon as I saw it, I was fascinated and I wanted to find out more about them, so I got in touch with them, and in the end, I also could not give up adding their own masterpiece of design to my apartment. Unreachable, unique quality. Compliments.”

The brand’s presence on social media platforms is expanding; it currently has a base of 8,091 followers and 7,910 likes on Facebook and more than 61,900 followers on Instagram. 

More information on Mavimatt can be found on the brand’s official webpage.

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