Announces Launch of Research Engine and Outreach Automation Technology to Scale High Quality Sales Conversations and Deals Announces Launch of Research Engine and Outreach Automation Technology to Scale High Quality Sales Conversations and Deals tackles the lack of quality and quantity conversations happening with B2B prospects by supporting sales and marketing team’s initiatives with its innovative research engine and AI-based sales personalization technology to generate more deals.

San Francisco, CA – 8 July, 2021 – a technology startup, is on a mission to help companies understand and increase their quality conversations with prospects. As part of this initiative, Gr8Insight recently announced the launch of a proprietary research engine that has been designed to ease the ability of revenue-driven teams to perform research on prospects in an effective and scalable way.

In recent years business to business prospects have grown frustrated and highly sensitive to sales and marketing cold outreach, which is heavily impacting companies conversion rates and brand image. Over 77% of sales reps today see a challenge in gaining fast insights on a company they prospect and have plans for adopting AI-based personalization technologies. is in a perfect position to facilitate the access to real time highly relevant insights and help brands personalize with value their cold outreach at scale to grow quality conversations, conversion rates and protect against sales spamming and its associated risks.

“We want to make it easier for business-to-business sales and marketing professionals to do their homework on every prospect and drastically increase the volume and quality of their conversations,” remarked Nadir Mansor. Founder & CEO of “It is not easy to bring quality consistency to personalized sales and marketing with relevance and to find the right audience in a scalable way. By innovating and scaling quality hyper personalization, we aim to support revenue teams in drastically improving their monthly and annual numbers of quality meetings, opportunities created, and deals won,” added Nadir Mansor

The announcement was met with excitement from industry leaders looking to target their customers in new ways while driving higher-quality conversations and free up time to think about high gain questions that get to value creation for a potential customer.

“We are aiming for Gr8insight to become a market leader with research engine & outreach automation built for hyper personalization,” added Nadir Mansor. “We take great care to prioritize a customer’s best interest to generate and scale opportunities, with the ultimate goal of driving loyalty, brand equity and closed deals,” he added.

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