BAIG LLC Shores up Support for Small Businesses through Risk and Change Management

BAIG LLC Shores up Support for Small Businesses through Risk and Change Management

There has never been a more challenging environment for small businesses than the present. Many companies have been forced to close, lay off employees, survive on relief funding and address new issues that are uncommon or were never in the business’ scope or radar. BAIG is helping entrepreneurs overcome business challenges through focused approaches that build resilience, reduce risks, drives growth and enhances the ability to rapidly adjust to the ever changing environment.

For many, lockdowns, and the negative impact they’ve had, have served as a wake-up call. Business owners are forced to reconsider their existing models and implement critical changes in operations, product design, budgets, distribution channels, and management policies.

“What did we learn? Use every moment as a way to improve,” says Michael Roura Puaatuua, CEO and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt at BAIG LLC. “It is no longer tenable for businesses to simply accept and live by new realities-the best businesses plan strategically and decide which systems to retain and which to discard.”

The risk-return profiles of companies have undergone many structural changes as a result of the changing climate. Ties to funding sources, supply chains, logistics, and information flows are under threat. BAIG’s strategy is to help businesses expand capacity and upgrade and strengthen their risk management to better prepare for the new normal.

“Strength comes from embracing change and preparing for unpredictable threats. Whatever business model or approach, take a moment to change the lense you’re looking through, and suddenly it becomes something new.”

BAIG leverages Lean Methodology and Six Sigma’s proven tools and strategies to help businesses become leaner, improve profitability, innovate and maximize employee engagement and customer satisfaction.


BAIG LLC provides solutions for businesses’ challenges and responds to their needs. With their proven expertise, they help organizations become more profitable and more efficient. As an organization of Efficiency Experts, they quantify existing solutions and metrics with the goals and vision of the organizations they work with.

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