The M-Tray® From Wallbarn – A Multi-Award Winning Modular Green Roof System

Pitched against some high-quality roofing products, the M-Tray® modular green roof system is now a multi-award winning product having secured the coveted titles of Best Roofing System or Product in the 2020 Build It awards and the “Best Green Innovation” at the 2021 Green Home Awards.

The Build It Awards are amongst the most sought-after accolade within the self-build and renovation industry, recognising excellence in products, services, suppliers and projects.

The Green Home Awards have been created by the hugely influential Homebuilding and Renovating magazine and celebrate the best in UK sustainable home build products.

Far More Than Just A Green Carpet

The M-Tray® is a premium quality instant green roof designed with all the elements of a traditional roll-out roof contained within 500mm by 500mm by 100mm modular trays which simply click together.

Developed to provide a diverse range of sedum species that provide a flourishing wildlife habitat and designed to survive hostile conditions found on the roof, without the need for excessive management or maintenance, we are constantly trialling new species to include in our mixes but are constrained by fire regulations which restrict the use of many annual wildflowers.

Maintained in peak condition, thia modular green roofing solution will:

  • Retain water and slow down runoff from the roof reducing flooding risk in accordance with Sustainable Urban Drainage Schemes (SuDS)
  • Attract wildlife, bees, birds and butterflies into the urban environment
  • Reduce air pollution by locking up airborne particles
  • Change the micro-climate by providing insulation and humidity around buildings reducing running costs and cooling environment around the buildings
  • Promote positive mental health and wellbeing by reducing noise pollution and by absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen into the air
  • Improve visual impact by softening and masking the appearance of many buildings in the environment
  • Increase chances of planning approval for new developments

Easy To Install & Future-Proofed

The M-Tray’s® modularity allows installation on hard to access roofs and its deep substrate with slow-release nutrients nourishes the sedum and wildflower plants, which are grown on Wallbarn’s nursery in Hampshire.

Containing 13 different varieties of sedum, offering a variety of different colours and textures, the M-Tray® is far more than just a ‘green carpet’. The painstakingly designed M-Tray® modules overcome all of the common challenges faced by green roof installations including accessibility, future-proofing, transportation and longevity to provide a seamless, stunning finish.

Perfect for construction on-site, not only is it clean and easy to install, the trays can be removed if roof deck access is required.

A Thriving Green Roof

The M-Tray® provides the best chance of creating a thriving green roof by including all the ingredients needed within the modular tray. As long as regular maintenance and watering are completed then you should have every confidence that your investment in a green roof will deliver wildlife and environmental benefits.

Fully grown to maturity at the Wallbarn nursery allowing the creation of an instant green roof. Because of the lightweight nature of the M-Tray®, designed using foam/glass aggregate, they are almost certain to be suitable to roof areas that would ordinarily not have the weight-bearing capacity to support a green roof. This is particularly beneficial for retro-fit projects.

Specific benefits of the Wallbarn M-Tray® include:

  • Easily transported and installed established vegetation, ensuring an instant green roof in click-together trays
  • Deep 100mm trays containing nutrient-rich and peat-free substrate ensuring healthy roots and strong plants
  • Suitable for small domestic, retrofit and large scale commercial projects
  • Easy replacement to repair roofs and for building inspections GRO Green Roof Code

The GRO Green Roof Code

There are now very tight constraints as to what can legally be used on a green roof and many installations fail to meet the standards set out in the GRO Code and we are proud to be classified as both BROOF(t4) and also DDENV1187 compliant.

The Green Roof Organisation (GRO) created the GRO Green Roof Code to provide relevant guidance for the design, specification, installation and maintenance of green roofs in the UK.

Visit the Wallbarn website for more information on the M-Tray® green roofs modules.

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