Changlong Group purchases evaporative air coolers from XIKOO

Guangzhou Changlong Group owns multiple investments in real estate, amusement parks, zoos, etc. It is one of XIKOO famous landmarks in Guangzhou. XIKOO Air Cooler and Changlong Group have been cooperating for 8 years. Their fXIKOO major parks, including Bird Paradise, Water Park, Happy World (mainly mobile games), and Zoo, have been using XIKOO Air Coolers. XIKOO air cooler models XK-06SY, XK-90SY, XK-15SY, XK-18SY, XK-18SY-3 mobile series are the models that Changlong has been favored for many years, and they have been repurchased many times. From March to now, this year is the third time XIKOO have purchased XIKOO evaporative air coolers.

Why is XIKOO portable air cooler so popular?


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First of all, the portable air cooler is the simplest. It can be moved and can be placed in any corner without obstructing tourists and pedestrians. people can move it where people want.

Secondly, the cooling effect of the evaporative air cooler can reach 6 to 8 degrees, and pedestrians can bring a bit of coolness, especially in the hot summer, under the scorching sun, it will seriously affect the mood of tourists. The portable air cooler is at its fullest at this time, relieving the restless mood of tourists and making the game more enjoyable.

Third, XIKOO portable air cooler can be used for 8-10 hours when it is filled with water. It can be used for almost a day. It does not need to be filled with water all the time. It can be used for a long time and can be connected to a water pipe to let it automatically fill in water. Each model is equipped with an automatic water inlet and manual water inlet, saving worry and effort.

XIKOO Air Cooler is here very grateful for the support of Changlong Group for many years. There are also many old customers who are old friends of XIKOO. They have always supported XIKOO and let XIKOO flourish. This year, many new models have been launched, including solar mobile machines. Desktop small air coolers, water-cooled air conditioners are particularly popular. It is another great contribution in the area of industrial air conditioning.

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