Evaporative air cooler contributes to energy saving and emission reduction

With the formulation and implementation of the “National Standard for Evaporative Air Cooler for Commercial or Industrial Use”, evaporative cooling technology has been standardized and standardized, and more energy-saving products such as environmentally friendly air conditioners have entered thousands of enterprises and families. Better promote energy conservation and environmental protection.

According to data, the national electricity consumption in 2009 will reach 1065.39 billion kWh. If the country adopts new evaporative cooling technology and environmentally friendly air-conditioning products to replace its temperature, it can directly save 80% of the air-conditioning power and save 852.312 billion kWh. Calculated at 0.8 yuan per kil   owatt-hour of electricity, the direct energy saving cost is nearly 681.85 billion yuan. Based on the total electricity saved by cooling, more than 34.1 million tons of standard coal and 341 billion liters of clean water can be saved each year; 23.18 million tons of carbon powder emissions, 84.98 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, and 2.55 million tons of sulfur dioxide emissions can be reduced.

Evaporative air cooler, energy-saving and environmentally friendly air cooler are widely used:


1. Evaporative air coolers are used in places where people are intensive or short-lived and require rapid cooling, such as: auditoriums, conference rooms, churches, schools, canteens, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, shoe factories, clothing factories, toy factories, vegetable markets Wait

2. Evaporative air cooler are used in places with strong odor of polluting gases and large dust, such as: hospital halls, waiting rooms, kitchens and chemical plants, plastic plants, electronics plants, chemical fiber plants, leather factories, spray screen printing plants, rubber plants, Printing and dyeing factories, textile factories, breeding factories, etc.

3. Evaporative air cooler can be used in production sites with heating equipment or high temperature, such as: machining, injection molding, electroplating, metallurgy, printing, food processing, glass, home appliances and other production workshops

4. Evaporative air cooler can be used in places where the door needs to be open, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, playgrounds, casinos, waiting rooms

5. Evaporative air coolers are suitable for agricultural research and cultivation centers or bases.

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