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When young, almost everyone had ever eaten canned sweet yellow peaches. It is a very peculiar fruit, and most people eat it in cans.

Why yellow peach isuited for canning?

1. Yellow peach is hard to storage and spoils too quickly. After picking, it can usually only be stored for four or five days.

2. Freezing is a common and extensive way to preserve yellow peaches, which also costs little. However, during freezing process, nutrient will be lost and taste will be poor. Therefore, processing the yellow peaches into canned foods has become the best choice for many fruit farmers.

3. The characteristics of yellow peach itself determine its usage. The yellow peach is golden flesh, without red pigment, and contains carotene. The canned soup is clear, too.

4. The processing of yellow peach into canned food can effectively improves the taste of yellow peach and satisfies the popular taste.

How to judge whether canned yellow peach is good or not?

First of all, to check the state of the juice.

When you open the can, if the yellow peach give out a rich fruity aroma, the juice is clear and clean, and there is no trace of impurities, it must be fresh yellow peaches, with sterilize and without spoilageTake a sip of syrup, it is sweet but not greasy.

Does canned food mean not fresh?

Since canned food can be stored for 2-3 years withouproblems, many people may regard that “canned foodis nothing but all preservative materials” and “no nutrition”.

In fact, there exists misunderstandings about preservatives. The reason why cans can be stored for a long time without deterioration is due to the sealed container and strict sterilization. Since there is no microbial bacteria in the can, and yellow peach is in a vacuum environment, it can be stored for 2-3 years.

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