Why LeadWeb App is Dominating the Contractor Space

Issues that contractors have

Have you heard some of these phrases? –

“You’re the 8th person to call me about my roof”.

“I had this job done 3 months ago”

“I never filled out anything online so I don’t know why you are calling”

After numerous conversations with contractors, they all have the same issues for the most part:

– They are tired of having Leads sold to their 8 competitors down the street

– They are tired of paying thousands of dollars up front to receive nothing in return

Even if they do get a good lead, the hard part is getting the appointment or reaching out to the lead in a timely manner to convert them into an appointment.

Whether the lead comes in late at night, during a sales call or when you are in the middle of a job, unless you have someone specifically there to handle inbound leads, the response time is low. (The average response time in the industry is about 17 hours)

How Does LeadWeb App Fix those issues?

LeadWeb app fixes all of those issues. LeadWeb app does Lead generation at no additional cost, in exchange for using their software (the business would just need to cover the cost to run the ad) So it doesn’t matter how many leads are generated, it will be a much LOWER cost than a normal ad agency charging $1,500 or more just to run ads on Facebook.

All of the leads that are generated, are exclusive leads that are never re sold to any other contractor.

Since the business will cover the advertising cost, there is no upfront cost which helps with cash flow.

LeadWeb app also helps with response time and converting the leads into appointments. When a lead is generated, it Instantly is sent to your phone in real time. The moment the prospective client presses “Submit”.

Once that happens, the business will receive a push notification (Not a Text message or an email) that says “A new Lead Has Been Generated.” At the same time our Artificial intelligence is starting a realistic “Human Like” conversation to try and schedule a call back on your company’s behalf.

So it doesn’t matter if its 2:00 AM or 2:00 PM, LeadWeb app will be there for your business. Day or Night!

So if you are a Contractor and you are considering LeadWeb app, here are some major things that LeadWeb app solves:

  • Exclusive Leads
  • Low Upfront cost
  • Instant Lead Delivery
  • Ai Text platform to try and schedule call backs on your behalf
  • Instant Response time = Higher Conversions

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