Fruition Initiatives Provides Freelancers and Solopreneurs the Support They Need to Hustle Smarter

The service combines operational expertise, project strategy and coaching to help solopreneurs run their business instead of letting it run them.

Solopreneurs and freelancers who suddenly trade office cubicles for personal workspaces can be overwhelmed by their new situation and challenges, especially if they have spent the majority of their work life in a corporate environment. Sarah Duran of Fruition Initiatives has jumped every hurdle in the freelance world and has perfected a business model that led her to build a six-figure freelance business from scratch. If there’s someone who knows how to navigate and succeed in the freelance trade, it’s Duran and her company.

“I learned that operating within traditional systems of work was never going to get me what I wanted. I had to build my own framework that allowed me to rely on my own value and competence — a framework that gave me the flexibility to control my time and income and take on diverse work that kept me engaged. Everything I create for solopreneurs helps them do the same thing — take control of their time, work and life,” stated Duran.

According to, the number of freelancers in the U.S. grew from 52 million to 57 million from 2014 to 2019, adding more than 5 million to the freelance workforce in just five years. Additionally, a report from Forbes stated that 84 percent of full-time freelancers say that their professional decision has allowed them to live their lives on their own terms. However, this also means they need an efficient system to create and maintain work-life balance.

Solopreneurs – freelancers, consultants, small businesses and independent contractors – wear different hats at once and often find it hard to prioritize the resources needed to get things done and take their work to the next level. Instead of testing time-consuming trial and error or seeking advice from consultants with little to no idea how freelancing works, they can trust Fruition Initiatives to provide them with services, techniques and tools that have been proven effective by countless professionals in the industry.

These services include Fruition Academy, which offers courses and tools that help freelancers, consultants and solopreneurs do their best work in less time. There is also Business Consulting, which guides a company to transform its survival-mode status into a well-oiled machine. Solopreneurs who prefer one-on-one support can benefit from Fruition Initiatives’ Coaching services, where Duran works closely with clients and uses her customized process to help them design and follow through on a plan to reach their goals.

Duran started Fruition Initiatives to help people and organizations turn their ideas into action and bring their goals to fruition. As an operational expert and a project strategist for over a decade, she has designed and led projects for various organizations and helped businesses refine systems and processes.

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About Fruition Initiatives

Fruition Initiatives is a service that combines operational expertise, project strategy and coaching to help solopreneurs run their business instead of letting it run them.

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