Sidkey & Co Has Been Helping Businesses Grow During The Pandemic By Focusing on Local Marketing

Business owners need to update their tactics or risk losing out on conversions.

The world has changed and business tactics have to change with it. That means companies need a new marketing plan for the digital age because traditional strategies won’t work anymore like they used to before COVID-19 ever happened. Sidkey & Co is providing that service, helping local businesses thrive by making sure their business gets seen in all of the right places online while also targeting customers where they are most likely interested – locally!

Local businesses are a staple in many communities, but often do not apply the right marketing strategies to get their brands seen. They tend to rely on old techniques that don’t work as well anymore due to increased competition and technological advancements. Oftentimes they overlook key things that need to be done in order to market their business successfully to consumers in their communities.

One reason for this is because things in the digital marketing world change too fast. A strategy that used to make their phones ring off the hook just 6 months ago, may only get them 1 or 2 calls a week now. Furthermore, once you add the aftermath of the recent Covid-19 pandemic to the mix, things start to go haywire pretty fast.

“Many local businesses are on the verge of bankruptcy – simply because they have poor or no local digital marketing plans in place,” Raheel says, founder and CEO of Sidkey & Co.

The way for businesses to combat this is by updating their strategies. Things in the digital marketing world change so fast that even if you have a strategy, it may not be as effective and relevant anymore. Business owners need to update their tactics or risk losing out on conversions.

Some of the things businesses can implement right away include: having localized pages on their websites, localizing paid advertising, getting listed in local directories, focusing on local SEO (search engine optimization), and getting reviews from their customers.

Sidkey & Co helps local businesses by first identifying their marketing challenges and creating a plan of action. Then setting up clear steps to effectively execute the new digital marketing plan and lastly by monitoring the outcomes in order to optimize and drive more results. You can learn more about their agency by visiting

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