Toga Limited’s Proprietary Technology, T-Shield Is Proven Effective for Protection Against Mobile Phone Radiation by BION Institute

Toga Limited (OTC: TOGL) understands the importance of wellness. Recognizing this importance, Toga Limited welcomed research on its proprietary technology T-Shield, a Toga Resonance Technology (T-RT). T-RT based applications produce vibrations neutralizing or shielding electric and magnetic (EMF) radiation fields in the environment or the body.

The latest research was conducted by the BION Institute on T-Shield, one of the T-RT based applications. Led by Dr. Igor Jerman, an internationally renowned scientist and a pioneer in electromagnetic and bioelectromagnetic therapy, testing demonstrated T-Shield was a protective influence from mobile phone radiation.

Testing methods included the measurement of various physiological parameters based on heart rhythm, breathing, finger temperature, electrical skin conductance, and muscle tension. Testing further demonstrated a sufficient statistically significant difference between the group exposed to T-Shield and the control group not exposed to the application.

BION Institute has conferred the Certificate of Protective Influence on Human Organism against Mobile Phone Radiation for the T-Shield application. The T-Shield application does not reduce or block EMF from a wireless device, it uses quantum pulses to transform the invisible EMF. Based on the report released on 19 February, T-Shield offers a protective influence on the human body.

T-Shield is one of over 40 applications under E. Booster that uses eT-RT technology, which combines T-RT resonance technology and subtle energy, to help enhance the human biological field. The technology features more than 10 international authority certifications along with its own highly authoritative scientific consulting team in the field of energetics or quantum science. Collectively, the renowned experts in their respective fields have conducted more than 30 years of research and clinical trials.

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