Author Joseph Gorski zeroes in on how a ‘small elite’ controls government agenda in his thought-provoking book “Government 2.0”

Author Joseph Gorski presents Government 2.0, a concept that touts a new worldwide monetary system outside the control of central bankers.

Author Joseph A Gorski’s remarkable and thought-provoking book, Government 2.0, which paints an easy-to-understand picture of the present and future condition of the people of the world, continues to make waves and interest readers globally.

The book explains how in the recent history of the world, a small elite headed up by central bankers control much of the message and agenda of governments and society. He sees this changing from the outside as a competing system is forming outside the control of these forces.

Gorski says this is the start of the Government 2.0 era, a people-to-people network in all areas of life. He adds that this is especially important in creating a new worldwide monetary system outside the control of central bankers.

“Banks are actually privately-owned institutions, and most people are shocked that the government is not really over or above them even though they have to play by a few rules that the government sets out,” says Gorski. 

Gorski stressed that this financial model is seen to be at the breaking point for numerous reasons. Readers get to understand how the world is already at a tipping point, whether people are ready for it or not. 

Gorski has followed a less than usual path in the last decades. It began with a deep spiritual journey in 1982, which continues to this day. 

Gorski said it led him to reject the world’s established religions and political parties without discarding their teaching of compassion and respect to people. 

“The type of spiritual awakening is not unique to me. I think many thousands of people are going through this right now in the country, even if they’re not part of mainstream religion. It’s sort of looking inwardly and looking at how the world could be a better place,” says Gorski. 

The book contains an excerpt which states: “The people will no longer need permission from the government, but the government will need permission from the people on how to conduct business.”

Joe Kilgore, author and professional reviewer, lauded the book for its “conversational English that keeps financial and economic jargon to a minimum.” 

“The author’s concepts and ideas are easy to follow. He uses extensive examples of events and situations throughout America’s history to support his arguments and proposed solutions,” Kilgore says.

Those interested in getting a copy of “Government 2.0” can purchase it at Amazon and Book Depository

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Gorski is a college graduate from Rutgers – Newark College of Arts & Science. He wrote opinion pieces for the College newspaper on occasion. 

He said his goal was never to try and divide people but to bring people together and see past the differences. This theme has filtered into all his writings. 

He rejects “divide and conquer politics” and believes individual empowerment is the answer. “We are all one race –– the human race,” he stressed. 

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