27-year-old Puerto Rican music producer Edmundo C Alemany Estrada makes waves on the global stage

Edmundo C Alemany Estrada, a handsome rising artist and music producer from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, is a software engineer and music producer bent on making a name in the industry.

27-year-old Puerto Rican music producer Edmundo C Alemany Estrada is bent on carving out his own space in the global music industry.

Edmundo, who has over 18 years of background knowledge in the music arena, has so far earned more than 3,000 streams on Spotify within just days of the release of his songs on the audio streaming services provider.

“I am very excited to share my songs with the global audience. It feels surreal to see your hard work and dedication pay off finally,” says Edmundo.

Edmundo’s fans and followers can now stream his newest songs on both Soundcloud and Spotify. Among the songs dropped by the Puerto Rican artist include “Nothing We Couldn’t Do,” “Fade Away,” Always,” and “Sad Eyes.” 

His official Facebook page, EdWorld AE, also continues to make waves globally as it rakes in a massive 35,000 followers. His page has also recently earned a blue verification badge from Facebook. 

“I’m working really, very hard to bring authenticity in the songs I produce. I want to inspire more people with my music and life story,” Edmundo said.

Apart from being a music producer, Edmundo is a software engineer. He says he has been working with computers and technology since he was a kid.

Early this year, Edmundo was given an IQ test to measure his intelligence. 

“To my surprise, I managed to get an IQ of 188, which totally surprised me a lot,” Edmundo humbly said. The average IQ is 100. A person who scores higher than 100 is considered better than the average.

When asked about his advice to people who want to be successful in life, he said: “Learn from your mistakes and negative experiences.”

“The thing is, you have to learn from your mistakes if you want to avoid repeating them,” Edmundo says.

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