Justin Philip Cuevas on BiBWorks Express: Why It’s More than Just a Delivery App

Justin Philip Cuevas on BiBWorks Express: Why It’s More than Just a Delivery App
BiBWorks Express CEO Shares Story of Innovative Delivery Solution

For others, building a startup means experimenting with what will work and what will sell. But for Justin Philip Cuevas, it’s more than just that.

His motivation in developing and perfecting BiBWorks Express (https://bibworks.com/) is deeply rooted in his passion for nurturing future entrepreneurs.

Justin is among the remarkably few individuals who have successfully built a startup with a vision at such a young age. For him, being a CEO means being that spark of hope for the young generation.

In his words, “BiBWorks Express was built because I know that young children of today tend to take the broken path because they lack guidance.”

He further explained that, in today’s landscape, parents are often conflicted. Parents have to choose between two important things — working or staying at home. Both of these things rely on time and money.

Parents are forced to spend time hustling and working to provide for their family’s needs. On the other side of the coin, some choose to stay with their children. The downside is they have to deal with limited resources and opportunities. Either way, children suffer the most.

Where does BiBWorks Express come into the picture? BiBWorks Express provides families control of their time and still maximizes their earnings.

Quality Time With Family Means Better Guidance

Numerous data show that people spend at least 16 hours on errands weekly. What if we tell you that you can convert these 16 hours of your time to attend to your family? Studies have shown that children who spend quality time with their families are less likely to succumb to risky behaviors, including drug and alcohol use. Similarly, children who have strong bonds with their parents grow to become productive members of society because they have strong mental and emotional health.

Productive Time at Work Means Promotion

Converting 16 hours to work time means maximizing the opportunity to earn more. As a result, parents can be focused at work, allowing them to become productive and valuable employees. Ultimately, it can lead to a much-awaited promotion. Promotion means better earnings. When you earn more, you can provide more for your family.

These are the very reasons why Justin Philip Cuevas, the young CEO of BiBWorks Express, has tirelessly worked to build the company.

He reiterated, “I want to create a community where we truly nurture children to the best of our abilities, for they are THE future!”

For individuals, saving time means having more time for themselves. To invest in and ultimately better themselves, allowing them to be more equipped for what their respective careers await them.

Justin calls for interested individuals to be part of the revolution and unlock your opportunity to spend more time with your family and earn more for your family.

BiBWorks Express is an innovative, all-in-one premium delivery service catering to the residents of Irvine, expanding to whole California and Arizona in the months to come. To know more about the BiBWorks Express family and how they continue to make a difference, visit their website: https://bibworks.com

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