Family Relationship Dynamics Set to Move Readers in Unexpected Ways

‘Seen and Not Heard’ is a family relationship book that revolves around the life story of its author Jennifer Jane Sherriff. The book is set in a bygone era when traditional values were very important and strictly upheld. A life so vastly different than today. It was also a time when family matters were never discussed in front of children. Jennifer describes it as a period when children were seen but not heard.

The narrative of the book is built around Jennifer’s life. She had an adventurous childhood, but despite that, some things made it complicated: frequent house moves, countless schools, and three mothers. Jennifer was sixteen when she was forced to leave the family home. She went in pursuit of happiness and the love she craved as a child. But did she find all of that easily?

Jennifer became part of the Swinging Sixties, which introduced her to jazz, rock-n-roll, parties, and flower power. However, an unwelcome surprise changed her life when her sister got married and left her with a baby. It was a period when life didn’t give many options for unmarried mothers, and with a few choices, she had to find other ways to resolve her predicament.

Jennifer Jane Sheriff revisited her childhood memories to write this book. Born just before the so-called baby boomers – a generation that was supposed to have it all, but for many, it wasn’t a childhood of privilege and luxury. This often led to years of anguish for children who did not understand family tragedies and were often too afraid to ask, but by putting pen to paper as an adult helped Jennifer to make sense of the world in a way she could not as a child.

‘Seen and Not Heard’ is self-published by Jennifer Jane Sheriff.

ISBN: 978-1539140535

Published: October 2016

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