MeritMore is Helping Middle-Class Families with College Bound Children Access $8 Billion in Merit Aid Scholarships in the United States

The merit aid scholarship pool is over $8 billion per year, yet many families don’t know how to access that money. MeritMore is a platform that helps families who do not qualify for need-based aid find merit-based scholarships that can make college affordable

Students spend months on the college admissions process, pouring time and effort into essays, SAT/ACT prep, visits, and more. Oftentimes, many guidance counselors are not even aware of how merit aid scholarships work and don’t offer the right guidance. Once a student is accepted to a college, they may be disappointed to realize that the college is out of their financial reach. Many families may even turn to costly and burdensome loans to pay for college. Using a personalized merit aid search tool like MeritMore, families can now make the right decisions before submitting applications and avoid costly mistakes later in the process.

MeritMore has been created as a platform for families to search for merit aid data from over 1,600 four-year colleges. The personalized search tool takes GPA and tests score information to provide a list of colleges likely to give merit aid and the average amount of merit aid they award to incoming freshmen. The search can also be conducted without test scores for test-optional colleges.

Created by public school parent Neeta Vallab, MeritMore has become a significant player in the multi-billion dollar college financial aid game. Using her background in software development, Neeta Vallab created MeritMore for families to find and compare merit aid offers efficiently. With this information, parents can make informed decisions about colleges they can afford, the actual cost of attending each college, and how much in loans they may need to borrow.

MeritMore uses a proprietary process called MeritMatch® and takes students’ academic profile information (SAT/ACT/GPA) and quickly matches them to colleges most likely to give them merit aid. The merit aid pool is a figure of over $8 billion allocated each year as the largest source of non-loan scholarship money available to middle-class households not qualified for need-based aid.

According to Neeta Vallab, “MeritMore is the ‘financial fit college search engine. It can keep a dream school from becoming a financial nightmare.”

The platform’s fully customizable College Application Task Manager puts admission tasks and deadlines on one screen and allows users to edit and add as needed. With MeritMore, students no longer need to toggle between spreadsheets to stay on top of the typical four to eight tasks required per school. In addition, the platform features comparable graphs, crime and safety statistics, and links to over 300 virtual campus tours also help to make the application process more manageable.

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About MeritMore

MeritMore is the “Blue Book” of college financing. It is a data platform for families to access merit aid information to make sound college financing decisions and efficiently navigate the college admissions process.

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