Charlotte NC Paving Highlights the Common Causes of Parking Lots Decline

Charlotte NC Paving Highlights the Common Causes of Parking Lots Decline
Charlotte NC Paving, a commercial and industrial paving company, highlighted some of the most common causes of parking lot deterioration. According to the update on their website, experts from the company stated that having insights into different factors that decline parking lots is crucial for property owners, managers, developers, and other commercial spaces.

Charlotte, NC – Charlotte NC Paving provided a better understanding of why parking lots decline. One of the top reasons mentioned was that poor drainage accelerates the breakdown of asphalt pavement’s foundations. Experts from the paving company Charlottestated that saturated soil moisture expands and contracts at regular intervals, compromising the foundation. As a result, the pavement cracks and breaks down.

Another common reason is through the upheaval of pavements. The company noted that upheaval results in the swelling of the pavement’s foundation due to saturated subsoil morphs that turn into frozen soil. The leading Charlotte paving contractor added that the event occurs due to the expansion of icy water, leading to a hump on the parking lot.

Alligator cracks also emerged as one of the common causes of parking lot decline, as explained by Charlotte NC paving. They stated that alligator cracks involve interconnected cracks that create a series of small oblong-shaped that spreads along the parking lot. Experts from the company said that the phenomenon usually occurs due to unstable foundations saturated with water.

Lastly, Charlotte NC Paving emphasized that potholes are another leading reason for a deteriorating parking lot. According to the company, potholes are bowl-shaped holes that form within the pavement and are caused by negligence. The Charlotte paving contractor mentioned that parking lots that go for longer without repairs or maintenance develop cracks that transform into potholes.

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