Warmshowers.org Foundation Sees Significant Growth in Bike Touring

According to the Warmshowers.org Foundation, bike-touring/bikepacking is becoming increasingly popular as restrictions on travel are loosening. The organization offers host homes for bike tourists around the world and is seeing more people who want to offer their room or couch. They state that “biking provides access to destinations that would otherwise be inaccessible” because a bike  can go places that  cars cannot.  With many cyclists using bicycles as their only mode of transportation, they also provide a sustainable alternative for travel with a less negative impact on the environment than fossil fuels.  The foundation states that its community has grown exponentially since its inception and currently has hosts from all over the globe who offer reciprocal hospitality.

Tahverlee Anglen, Executive Director, states, “We make the world smaller by providing the technology for touring cyclists to develop friendships and hospitality to local communities through hosting and connecting. Our community of passionate cyclists and hosts is like no other out there”.

Bike touring is one of the fastest-growing travel trends in recent years. Millions of people are heading out for long tours to see the world by bicycle, and once they do, they’re hooked.  With the help of our community, we create ways to explore remote corners of their home country or a new country and discover hidden gems they never knew existed.  Whether you are looking to escape from your mundane workday life or have your mind blown by something new, there’s nothing like experiencing new cultures at a slower pace than most other forms of travel allow. The benefits don’t stop there – cycling is also great for reducing stress levels and improving mental health and physical fitness.

If you’re looking for a new way to experience the world, it’s time to sign up as a host and live vicariously through the cyclists that visit you. Whether your home is big or small, and whether you have room for just one cyclist or 10, cyclists will appreciate whatever you can offer. It’s not only that they need a shower and bed for the night – most cyclists are happy with anything that allows them to spend some time in your town. Our network of hosts is eager to welcome cyclists again!  We want everyone who loves biking around the world to experience what it feels like when strangers become friends through this fulfilling experience called opening doors and sharing homes.

For more information on getting started on your first tour or learning how to become a host, visit www.warmshowers.org, or you can download the app from any app store.

Warmshowers.org Foundation is a vibrant community of touring cyclists and hosts who offer free hospitality in nearly every corner of the world. The organization has come a long way since 1976 when a few passionate cyclists kept a spreadsheet of approx 600 names of people willing to host touring cyclists. That list grew from a simple spreadsheet to a web based database with over 180,000 registered users around the world. Users pay a one-time nominal fee to create their profile, and have access to the Warmshowers User Map to connect with hosts along their tour route. Hosts never charge for opening their homes to touring cyclists. The Warmshowers.org Foundation mission is to facilitate and promote safe, free reciprocal hospitality in the world-wide touring bicycling community.

Warmshowers.org Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Photos, stories, and additional information available upon request.

Contact: Tahverlee Anglen, Executive Director, tahverlee@warmshowers.org 303-990-2316.

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