How Virtual Enterprise’s Telephone Answering Service Helps Businesses Emerge From the Covid-19 Fallout

Virtual Enterprise Group offers exceptional yet affordable answering services solutions for businesses.

Businesses, in general, have been greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The situation was a financial nightmare for almost everyone, regardless of the industry they belong to. In fact, the pandemic has forced many businesses to make devastating yet necessary financial decisions such as budget cuts, which resulted in delayed projects, employee lay-offs, and even store closures. And now, as the economy recovers and businesses are starting to bounce back, it’s important for business owners to find ways to keep their costs at bay.

As a service provider for businesses, Virtual Enterprise understands its clients’ need for affordable yet high quality services to help them emerge from the Covid-19 fallout – one of them being answering services solutions. So, they bill their clients on a per-call basis rather than on a per-minute basis, which allows clients to spend less on a monthly basis. And not only does this provide huge savings for their clients, but they also get to generate profit. With Virtual Enterprise’s professional, 24/7 business phone answering solutions, businesses will never miss out on potential customers or business opportunities.

In addition to this, Virtual Enterprise allows its clients to make calls displaying their office numbers via a free mobile app. This helps keep business and personal contacts separated from each other – making it more convenient to make calls whenever and wherever needed. For its answering services, Virtual Enterprise also provides local and international phone numbers, customized call handling, call patch or transfer features, voicemail to email, logging and sending of messages via email, customized greetings, general FAQs to callers, and online access to accounts.

In order to provide its clients with excellent customer service solutions, Virtual Enterprise makes sure that its virtual receptionists or telephone agents are trained to respond to phone calls in a timely, friendly, courteous, and professional manner, with the best interest of both the business and customers in mind. By answering in detail the enquiries of current and potential customers and proactively addressing their needs and concerns, Virtual Enterprise’s answering services can further build the professional image of businesses. In a nutshell, Virtual Enterprise does all the customer service work for its clients – except it’s done virtually and not in an office.

Virtual Enterprise currently offers three plans: Answering Basic (includes 50 calls per month), Answering Silver (includes 110 calls per month), and Corporate Business Address. A dedicated virtual telephone number for every plan. Upon the activation of one’s account, clients can use their assigned unique phone numbers as the main point of contact for their companies.

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