Hair Maiden India Launches The Hair Business Guide and Coaching Sessions to Help Others Restart Life

Hair Maiden India by Red Dot Imports, LLC. Owner Rocky Singh Kandola shares how he created his beauty empire after letting go of his past traumas 10 years ago.

Getting through past traumas has never been easy. When entrepreneur Rocky Singh Kandola was captured by force, incarcerated, and overcame his addiction, he knew that the only way to emerge victorious from his past wounds is to restart his life. To do this, he created Hair Maiden India in 2015, a business offering high-quality, raw Indian hair available in wholesale and custom orders. Today, Rocky is focusing on empowering others through healing, coaching, and teaching others how to build their own empire after successfully scaling Hair Maiden India to 6-figures a month.

“I am on a mission to help people who have faced obstacles and challenges. I am here to help them turn a lifestyle of the past into selling hair, coaching entrepreneurs, and having that lifestyle freedom. I also want to help hair industry entrepreneurs achieve success when no one else would help them. I want to empower souls with pain and trauma to transmute their pasts into success,” Rocky said.

Hair Maiden India’s The Hair Business Guide is designed and built for everyone. They have video interactions, note-taking, interactive e-books, discussions, Q&As, certificates, and more. Whether an aspiring hair extension business owner is not a tech expert, accountant, or social media marketer, he or she can learn a lot from the courses. To know more about Hair Maiden India’s courses and Rocky’s healing and coaching sessions, visit

About Hair Maiden India by Red Dot Imports, LLC.

Hair Maiden India delivers high-quality, raw Indian hair to salons and shops in America. Established in 2015, company founder Rocky Singh Kandola ensured that the brand gathers the best direct industry knowledge from research in India. This business strategy has allowed the company to become the go-to brand of premium hair extensions. Its efficient and open practices of controlling quality and handling worldwide logistics with ease have set the standards of human hair extensions in the American beauty industry.

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