5 Rings Fitness Fosters Supportive Environment to Help People Achieve Fitness Goals

UK-based fitness company offers tailored plans and unlimited virtual classes through their incredible membership program.

Even before the pandemic, there are a handful of people who are not comfortable with going to the gym as it makes them more self-conscious, driving their focus away from training. The current circumstances have further made virtual lessons in demand for safety purposes. Nonetheless, online training has been proven effective on many occasions where people feel confident and get healthy.

5 Rings Fitness acknowledges the need and demand for virtual fitness training, therefore offering clients personalized plans that could help them achieve their respective goals. They conduct a one-on-one consultation to assess the perfect course for the client and tailor the platform to the requirement. Apart from this, they also provide a nutrition plan that serves as a guide on what to eat, allowing the person to move closer to their target.

The person behind 5 Rings Fitness is Temitope or Temi for short. She’s a qualified Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach, with a BSc Hons in Sports Development, who has spent her life on the sports field. She is also an experienced athlete who decided to help people become fit by addressing their wellness needs. Her clients feel that they certainly are in good hands as Temi has more than a decade of experience in honing her craft and thus being knowledgeable in nutrition, mobility, and lifestyle among others.

Alongside other professional athletes who serve as trainers, they continue to bring the best of fitness into their homes. Getting membership through their website which is at https://www.5ringsfitness.co.uk allows clients to enjoy unlimited access to virtual classes, training at their own pace. What’s even more amazing is that the classes are never pre-recorded so they can really have a personal experience. This is important to make sure that the exercises are done correctly, avoiding any unnecessary pains or injuries. Membership starts at just £24.99 per month.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to fitness since each client has different states and goals so tailoring the fitness plan could guarantee the desired results within a reasonable timeframe. 5 Rings Fitness also has a WhatsApp support group where people can ask questions. Through their innovative and understanding programs, they were able to build a sense of community despite the distance and worries of people nowadays.

It’s easy to understand the whole process of training with them as there are only four simple steps to make it work. Interested clients should first book a consultation so they can choose the right membership for them before booking the sessions and finally being part of the community. Don’t waste any time and be fit today.

About 5 Rings Fitness

5 Rings Fitness offers virtual fitness training led by Founder Temi Nuga who is a professional athlete and a deadlift record-holder. Every trainer is fully equipped and trained to ensure that clients are in a supportive environment that suits their needs.

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