Sauna Rocket® Introduces Innovative Sauna Design to Make Wellness More Accessible and Convenient

This company brings the 2-Person Home Steam Sauna Kit to people who are looking for wellness and relaxation sauna indoors, at their own time.

Sauna Rocket®, a patented product created by its developer, owner, and operator Garrett Munro, brings its 2-Person Home Steam Sauna Kit through its website and on Amazon. Growing up in Finnish sauna country, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Garrett created the product to provide people a relaxing steam sauna experience in the comfort of their homes. The product can be upgraded with seats or benches for a full home sauna experience anytime. This way, homeowners won’t have to book an appointment or pay extra money to use a gym or spa sauna.

Sauna Rocket’s 2-Person Home Steam Sauna Kit is ideal for people looking for recovery from soreness, relaxation, and wellness. It’s also portable yet durable, with high-quality and easy-to-clean features that fit anywhere. It’s also engineered to reach high heat and humidity within minutes. It comes with an insulated sauna cabin and a high-powered electric steamer with a tube and dispenser. Most impressively, it’s significantly more affordable than traditional home steam rooms or saunas.

The company also offers a Far-infrared Sauna for Recovery, Detox, Weight Loss, Relaxation. Far-Infrared Therapy (FIR) enables energy waves to gently penetrate the skin’s surface and raise the body’s temperature to 107.6 Fahrenheit or 42 Celsius and above. This allows the body to activate restorative functions.

Sauna Rocket® also offers a Red Cedar Sauna Floor Section, a custom-built sauna floor to turn a Sauna Rocket® into a traditional feeling sauna room. Made from high-quality North American Red Cedar, these aromatic boards fill in the senses with a rejuvenating wood fragrance for one unique steam sauna experience. The flooring also gets one’s feet out of the steam water. It’s also resistant to mildew and rot.

Feedback for Sauna Rocket® has completely endorsed the brand, its craftsmanship, and its functionality. Jeff said, “Love this 2-person steam sauna. Recommended to a few friends, but it is running out of inventory right now. It is hard to find a place for a steam sauna in the house. I put it on top of the bathtub near the window. I also made a bench so that I can lay down as well while enjoying the steam sauna.”

Sauna Rocket’s founder Garrett ensures that each of his products provides a rejuvenating and unique steam sauna experience. He developed his one-of-a-kind product after realizing his passion for the perfect sauna experience. During his stay in China as an English teacher, he tried the bathhouses popular in the Asian region. After returning to the US in 2017, he made his own affordable home sauna solution as he couldn’t find a good product around. With grit, elbow grease, and sheer determination, he spent his time developing a home steam sauna product and refining it. That’s how Sauna Rocket® was born.

To browse, order, and know more about Sauna Rocket®, visit or its Amazon site.

About Sauna Rocket®

Sauna Rocket® is a patented product developed as an affordable and accessible home sauna solution. The product creates a home steam room that can be upgraded with seats or benches to create a home sauna. Now, people can experience the benefits of a sauna at their own time without having to take a trip to the gym or spa. Sauna Rocket’s products are the 2-Person Home Steam Sauna Kit, the Far-infrared Sauna, and the Red Cedar Sauna Floor Section for Sauna Rocket®.

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