Author Dimitris Politis’ acclaimed book “The Stolen Life of a Cheerful Man” blends thriller and suspense while shedding light on delicate human feelings

Dimitris Politis, author of “The Stolen Life of a Cheerful Man,” takes readers into a page-turner thriller that revolves around a cosmopolitan gay character that creates suspense and tension and makes readers think twice about the more human aspects of life.

Author Dimitris Politis’ acclaimed book “The Stolen Life of a Cheerful Man,” which takes readers into a thriller ride yet full of introspection and self-examination from the main protagonist, is now available in leading digital stores. 

Dimitris said his own personal experiences of discrimination, homophobia, and prejudice for being gay made pushed him to create a book. 

Dimitris said he knew he had to take the lead to show to “fellow human beings how it feels to be the recipient of such comments and prejudice, how it is to be on the receiving end.” 

The result is a page-turner thriller with a cosmopolitan main character that creates suspense, tension, and excitement and makes readers think twice about the more human aspects of life. 

The impressive piece revolves around a universal background for a universal message: the story takes place aboard a ship in the Atlantic, Greece, Ireland, and several places in the US. 

While its fast-paced plot grabs readers with its constant twists and turns, it prompts them to sit back and think about the other side of life, as it allows for a deepening of delicate human feelings, sentiments, and emotions.  

It helps readers better understand how prejudice and discrimination can affect human beings and have catastrophic results on their victims. 

The book also encourages readers to re-think how important and irreplaceable are tolerance and acceptance of fellow human beings of any kind of minority.  

“After all, we are all born different and grow up differently, making each of us special in our own way, whatever our circumstances,” Dimitris asserts.  

“The Stolen Life of a Cheerful Man” has earned praises in leading digital stores. One of its reviewers, Danielle Urban from the US, said the book is a “highly unique masterpiece that readers worldwide will enjoy.”

“Readers will find that this thriller suspense will keep them turning the pages and staying up all night long to read. The characters are complex and keep readers guessing along the way,” says Danielle. 

Another review from Vittorio of Italy lauded the masterpiece for having a “full-steam of suspense, tension, and excitement as a thriller.” 

“There is the infinitely riskier everyday prejudice of “normal” people, throwing the unquenchable fire of intolerance and meanness to everything that escapes from the hopelessly narrow and their restrictive norms,” Vittorio wrote in a review.

Dimitris was born in Athens, Greece. He spent his formative years on the Aegean island of Tinos and later studied Economics in Greece and Classics and Italian Language and Literature in Dublin.  

He has lived in Greece, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Luxembourg, and Belgium. 

An expert and an author of articles and interviews on international working conditions and occupational health and safety, he has also published some poetry and several short stories, in English and Greek, several of which won international competitions. 

His first novel, “The Stolen Life of a Cheerful Man,” was published in English in 2014. 

The “Next stop,” his second novel, set to be published in English, came out in 2018.  

He currently lives in Brussels, Belgium, where he frequently travels to Tinos and Ireland.

Those interested to get a copy of the book can purchase it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Book Depository

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