The basic introduction of cup mask production line

With more and more people using masks abroad, the demand for masks is increasing, and different people have different demands for masks. This demand is feedback to HengYao mask machine manufacturers, so  need to develop and produce different types of mask machines to meet the needs of mask manufacturers. Since the second half of this year, many manufacturers of cup masks or customers who are interesting in entering the mask production industry because of the huge market demands for cup masks and  receiving a lot of inquiries about the cup masks. In these inquiries, many customers know little about the process and technology of how to produce cup masks. Sometimes they think cup masks can be produced by one machine just like flat masks.

However, the production of cup masks is not as simple as buying one machine, but by different processes and machines according to different cup shapes. Therefore, as a manufacturer specializing in the production of mask machines for 25 years, HengYao have different plans for how to realize the production of different cup masks. So far, HengYao is one of the professional manufacturers with hundreds of production plans in the world.

When many customers call to ask, do people have a cup mask machine? Henao have to spend a lot of time telling HengYao customers about the production process and process of the cup mask making. After the introduction, the customer suddenly realized that the cup mask machine is not just a machine, but a production line. There are many processes, such as shaping, edge sealing, edge cutting, nose fitting, head band welding, pad printing, breathing valve punching, breathing valve welding and so on. The realization of these processes is composed by different machines, such as automatic cup shaping machine, cup mask turntable machine (responsible for edge sealing and cutting), and the automatic second half (nose bar fitting, headband welding, pad printing, breathing valve welding, etc.). The above three machines are a standard cup mask production line, but if people want to produce a cup mask which similar to 3m 1860, the machine scheme is very different, such as adding a masking machine, nailing machine, etc. If people are a cup mask with ffp3 head buckle, people have to add ear buckle welding machine. From this point of view, the production of cup masks is not simply a cup mask machine, but rather a cup mask production line.

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