Charbel Makassian, A renowned graphic designer and social media expert

Charbel Makassian, A renowned graphic designer and social media expert

“Charbel Makassian, A renowned graphic designer and social media expert”
In today’s online world it is not an easy task to get by without good design. In such a world, the need of a skilled graphic designer who is also versed in social media issues is must. Charbel Makassian is a well-known Lebanese graphic designer and social media expert whose reputation surpassed the Lebanese border and crossed to various counties by his ambitious, creativity, limitless skills and thorough knowledge.

The industry is growing with its demand, and with such demand, the number of graphic designers popping up is skyrocketing too. The field of graphic design has never looked better, everyday designers from all over the world bring something new and unique to the table, enriching our collective design conscience with their work. Off all legendary graphic designers, Charbel Makassian, the Lebanese graphic designer, has made a lasting contribution to this industry.

He is one of the most talented Lebanese graphic designers who takes the vision of his clients, brings it to life and puts it in front of people attractively. His razor-sharp humor and 6 years of design experience result in an Instagram account, “charbelmedia” that is sure to provide a good pick-me-up if not major design inspirations. Charbel designates eye catching and mouthwatering posts designs, BS carts, logos, layout and highlights designs, video animations, billboard designs, events design and many others. He puts down all his efforts to create and designate such outstanding designs to satisfy his clients’ needs.

Not only did Charbel’s marvelous and artistic touch gained Lebanese clients admiration, but also his reputation crossed the Lebanese borders. Clients from Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Abidjan and many other countries fall in the interest of Charbel’s outstanding designs. Besides, he is not only known as one of the best graphic designers, but also as top one social media expert all over the Middle East. He provides social media assistance starting from followers, likes and views.

And never to miss up his supper abilities in E-Commerce, he provides full designed and developed websites along with managing social media accounts. This combination between both domains (graphic design and social media) made him best fit in the position he beholds now. To catch up with Charbel Makassian’s eye catching and marvelous work or even for any media inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact Charbel the founder of “Charbelmedia”,

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