Naeem Al Mutlaq, one of the best personal trainers in the world

Naeem Al Mutlaq, one of the best personal trainers in the world

“Naeem Al Mutlaq, one of the best personal trainers in the world”
Bodybuilding is not only about building a body form; it is about building a kingdom full of achievements in such a domain. Naeem Al Mutlaq is one of the strongest and well-known Arab bodybuilders whose reputation crossed the seas after participating and winning in worldwide championships.

It is once said that “you don’t have to believe in yourself, just believe in your personal trainer”, how it comes if your personal trainer is Naeem Al Mutlaq himself! Naeem Al Mutlaq is a Saudi Arabian coach, personal trainer and bodybuilder who won various international and local championships. Naeem’s passion in coaching urged him to share his content in every country he went through; he traveled into various countries including Qatar where he has trained there for 10 years, besides he also went to Kuwait where he has trained for 4 years, UAE for 2 years, Saudi Arabia, Beirut, Bahrain and many others.

By spreading his content all over the Middle East, Naeem has gained over 120K followers, who were highly interested and influenced by his content. Not only did Naeem shared his content and attained fame in Arab countries, but also he achieved in spreading it world widely through championships that he has participated in. Without the incredible Naeem, there would be no list of the top bodybuilders complete. He has participated in more than 90 championships all over the world where he was racked up countless titles.

Naeem’s countless achievements began in Saudi Arabia where he participated in more than 20 championships and won the 1st place in each, besides he won the 2nd place in Qatar championships, one of the top 15 in Qatar Gold Cup Bodybuilding Championship, 3rd place in Libya Championship, 1st place in World Championship, 2nd place in World Championship in Czechia, last but not the least he won the 1st place in Spain Championship in both bodybuilder and body classic in 2016.

Far away from championships and coaching, Naeem Al Mutlaq has also proven himself in the field of acting. He has often played basic roles in more than five Arab films. This combination between these two separate domains (acting and coaching) hints out Naeem’s extraordinary abilities that best fit every filed he enters. Briefly, by his hardworking, persistence and insistence to be one of the best bodybuilders, Naeem Al Mutlaq gave bodybuilding (mainly in the Arab region) a permanent and everlasting mark that no one would probably see again.

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