Custom Signs for Competitive Times

Miami – July 12, 2021 – As the world slowly recovers from the most devastating pandemic of modern times, rebuilding the customer base for a brick-and-mortar store is harder than ever.

According to Morning Consult, 49% of customers say they are spending more money online than they did before Covid hit, and Bazaarvoice research finds that 74% are visiting stores less frequently than they did pre-Covid.

This means that business owners are now competing for less traffic than ever before. With this reduced traffic, it is imperative that a business make an even greater effort to stand out in these hyper-competitive times.

Custom Signage Improves Customer Perception

One of the most effective means for brand and business promotion, custom signage helps to build professionalism as well as increase foot traffic. 

From completely replacing storefront signs with new, updated signage to adding additional sign and graphic elements, there are several different ways custom signage can be used to promote a business and its products.

We spoke with a Miami custom sign company owner who shared insight on how a business can use customized signage to rebuild and even outgrown its pre-Covid customer base.

Updated Storefront Signage

Attracting new and returning customers starts with having an impactful, eye-catching storefront. Professional, newly remodeled signage shows customers and clients that a business is alive, operating, and ready to support new patrons.

Updating from a panel sign to lighted channel letters can increase visibility, while pole and pylon signs can help to generate drop-in traffic from greater distances. Studies show that incorporating a pole sign can increase a business bottom line by up to 15.6%, while simply increasing the size of a storefront building sign can add as much as 7.7% to top-line sales.

Even just repairing outdated or damaged signage can have a big impact on client perception and attraction. Most full-service sign companies can help determine if repair or replacement is the best option.

Additional Promotional Signage

By highlighting special products, sales, and promotions with easy-to-install and affordable custom signs and graphics, businesses are able to quickly show patrons why returning to brick-and-mortar shopping is a great idea.

Banners, window graphics, flag signs, and a-frame signs can be incorporated into a business signage plan to increase brand awareness, alert past and new customers to business reopenings, and encourage shoppers to come back and spend with them again.

Off-Site Signage Increases Awareness

Off-site signage has it’s place in reinvigorating traditional businesses as well. Yard signs, vehicle wraps, and other types of promotional graphics smartly positioned throughout a community can help a brand to reach its most desired client base.

Many businesses that don’t have traditional storefronts can still benefit from additional off-site signage as well. Manufacturers can use custom signage at trade shows to attract new distributors and retailers, while even web-based businesses can promote their products locally with attractive custom-designed yard signs and vehicle wraps.

Most Importantly, Work With A Professional

The most important thing to remember when purchasing new custom signs and graphics for a business is to find a full-service, professional sign company to work with. Many custom signage companies will offer complete services, from design to on-site installation.

Working with a professional, local Miami sign company means that businesses can rely on a single provider from start to finish, saving them time, money, and frustration when incorporating new signage elements into their plan.

Whether revamping existing signage, adding new signage elements, or looking for smart solutions for off-site signage, a trusted local provider ensures everything is finished perfectly, is compliant with local laws and regulations, and that a consistent experience is delivered throughout the entire project.

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