Lul Kevo, the Rapper and Multi-Faceted Musician Rising Through the Ranks

Lul Kevo, the Rapper and Multi-Faceted Musician Rising Through the Ranks

The role of a clear-cut vision and the dedication to translating that into reality cannot be underscored enough. Over the years, countless highly accomplished personalities have given their own take on the recipe to success, with some emphasizing the importance of resources and connections and others putting a heavy premium on setting one’s sights on industries that are more accessible to penetrate and easier to dominate. While success is ultimately a product of an endless combination of factors, one of the most common determinants shared by numerous powerhouses is commitment. Through his story, Lul Kevo, a rising artist from Chicago, demonstrates the power of remaining devoted to one’s goals.

The voice behind the song “Celebration Time,” Lul Kevo, born Kevin Hunt, is an emerging name in the competitive music industry. Although he has only been raping for eight months, this multi-faceted figure already possesses the potential to secure a coveted spot at the summit one day. Distinguishing himself from a plethora of other talented musicians through his distinctive artistry and impressive discography, he is ready to prove he has what it takes to survive and thrive in a field known for its cut-throat nature. 

Like millions of other people, Lul Kevo gravitated toward music because of the fun, solace, and comfort it provides. When he was young, it also served to connect him with friends. Years down the road, the initial interest he had in this particular form of art transformed into a deep-seated passion, and today, he is going all-out in the bid to reach the forefront of the industry. 

From the get-go, Lul Kevo has managed to capture the interest of listeners worldwide and continues to gain a following with every song release because of the depths of his artistry. While it is undeniable that the thought of achieving renown as an artist drives him forward on a daily basis, it is also true that he draws strength and inspiration from the memory of her mother. “What keeps me going is the death of my mom back in March,” he shared. “She loved my music and always told me to persevere no matter what.”

So far, Lul Kevo has worked with artists like Lil Zay Osama, El Hitta, and more. Despite the pandemic, he was able to reach more listeners, as well, through several shows and collaborations with other musicians. Through it all, he showcased an awe-inspiring dedication to his goals, pouring his heart into all his creative endeavors. 

This year, Lul Kevo is set to drop more projects, all of which are designed to propel his career to greater heights. He signed a distribution deal in May, making the necessary moves that will bring him closer to the limelight. Given his arsenal of skills and love for the craft, it would not come as a surprise if this promising talent happens to hit it big in the future.

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