Pursocial Media Agency Inc Emerges as Champion for E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

New agency offers customized digital marketing for e-commerce brands.

2021 is poised to be a record shattering year in the realm of e-commerce. Online shopping has continued to grow year over year, and the coronavirus pandemic only exacerbated an already rapidly growing trend. Now, Akash Loomba and the team at Pursocial Media Agency Inc have announced that their company has arrived to help established and new e-commerce brands alike ignite growth in the new digital era.

Statistics show that there will be an estimated 2.14 billion customers around the world making purchases in 2021 alone, a statistic that underscores why going online is essential to businesses of virtually every scope and size. There are no niches that aren’t affected by the drive to go online, a call that’s being made by consumers in higher volumes than ever. There is no one size fits all to e-commerce, however, and there are many challenges in creating an e-commerce marketing strategy that produces results.

The team at Pursocial Media Agency Inc says they are a one-stop shop for the e-commerce entrepreneur. They offer everything needed for scaling an e-commerce brand, including service such as social media advertising, Shopify store development, social media content, influencer marketing, and email marketing. “We help you leverage the true power of social media to generate sales and build social media presence simultaneously,” said Loomba.

Loomba, an expert digital marketer, and his colleague and friend Paranjay Bharal, a premier content strategist, launched Pursocial Media Agency Inc at the height of the coronavirus pandemic in July 2020. “We aim at bringing our expertise from our journey to yours,” said the team. “We understand the need of branching out into an online business due to the unforeseen circumstances that arise like COVID-19.”

The pandemic pushed businesses to move forward to e-commerce faster than they’d planned, and Pursocial Media Agency Inc has already helped a long list of clients successfully make the transition to e-commerce and enjoy palpable results as a product of doing so.

Pursocial Media Agency Inc says they are currently accepting new clients, and their team makes it easy for prospective clients to find out more about their services. For instance, entrepreneurs who are interested in learning more can book a free, no-obligation discovery call to see what the Pursocial Media Agency Inc team can do for them.

The agency looks forward to partnering with companies of all sizes and scopes throughout the rest of the year and beyond to help their e-commerce presences yield real growth. More information can be found at https://www.pursocial.ca/.

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Pursocial Media Agency Inc is a creative social media marketing agency for e-commerce brands.

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