O000O000O000: A Stream Design and Extreme Resolution Rendering Company that Gives Clarity to Abstract

O000O000O000: A Stream Design and Extreme Resolution Rendering Company that Gives Clarity to Abstract

Michael Bernard, the man behind O000O000O000, invested tons of hours developing the services his business offers. Passion perfectly embodies O000O000O000’s works. Spanning from music production to video editing and graphic design, O000O000O000 takes the quality of content to an unprecedented level.  

What could be regarded as the proudest moment in his career is his discovery of bitrates and the power it holds. Better known by his artist name, z3r0, this technological pioneer, specializing in abstract stream design and extreme resolution rendering, said that it took him a lot of time and a series of trials in video editing to arrive at such a discovery. However, his sacrifices paid off as he eventually mastered the complex and unheard concept of bitrate. By understanding the complexities of bitrate, he was able to produce low-resolution YouTube videos with clear graphics that would be easily mistaken as high-definition films. Needless to say, his videos seem phenomenal in 4k. According to him, the main benefit and purpose of his technique is that “the resolution setting did not have to be high for the video to look amazing.”

z3r0 previously produced several 4k videos. However, he noticed that people rarely adjust the resolution of their Youtube videos, effectively diminishing the efforts of creatives like him. “No matter how I presented it, people generally would not bump the resolution setting up and would leave the setting at whatever it loaded in, which is almost always 480p on mobile devices,” he said. This practice prompted him to further study the concept of bitrate. 

Just like most artists, z3r0’s talent did not polish itself overnight. He was once a boy who had no definite destination to take. Back then, he had no idea how to differentiate different resolutions or produce music, even though he played it since second grade. As a matter of fact, he barely knew anything about video editing. He was like this until he realized the inaccuracies and deficits in information concerning video editing available online. Although it seemed minute, it has the potency to stunt the growth of content quality. Following this incident, z3r0 went above and beyond. For this reason, O000O000O000 became how it is today. 

“I then knew what purpose I could serve and how valuable the information I was discovering could be, especially to fellow content creators. I knew that what I was doing was not what everyone else was doing, and so at this point, in a more realistic and meaningful way, I knew what my brand stood for,” he said. Determined to move forward with its mission, “graphical expectations arisen,” O000O000O000 is bound to take the industry by storm.

From then on, O000O000O000 committed itself to expand the horizons of producing high-quality content. z3r0 reinvented his childhood fascinations through admirable passion and unwavering conviction from merely being a neophyte in graphic arts. 

Asked about where he sees the company in five years, z3r0 said it is difficult, but it is not impossible. “I say this because just two years ago, I didn’t think I could draw, and I knew absolutely nothing about video editing and most certainly would not have predicted that I would ever, much less now, be designing clothes and selling them on a website of my own,” he said. 

O000O000O000 has more to offer, like music and fashion, both giving a new perspective to abstract. From optimizing an 8-gigabyte audio file to elaborating frequency separation, the company sure knows its way to flourishing in the industry.

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