Note Tower® Creates a Portable Monitor Paper Holder that Boosts Productivity And Personalizes Workspaces

For Under $20 This Note Tower® Gadget Fixes Boring Workspaces And Is The Ultimate Video Call Accessory.

With COVID-19 causing a huge shift into the world of remote working, so many workers are seeking office supplies that will make their work from home environment as pleasant as possible. The problem that is experienced by so many is that it does not take long for a newly setup workspace to become stale and boring. After a period of time, paper clutter often sets in which can quickly turn a now boring workspace into an unbearable workspace.

There is now a reason for optimism with the Note Tower® Monitor Document Clip which is a portable paper holder that clips onto laptop and desktop monitors for the personalization of workspaces and the more comfortable viewing of documents, notes and photos.

See the Monitor Document Clip in action:

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The Monitor Document Clip is not only perfect for displaying documents during video calls, but its clever support arms fold back to enable the neat display of smaller papers such as sticky notes and photos.

Displaying favorite photos and inspiring messages can quickly enrich a boring workspace. Craig Knight, a psychologist and founding director of Exeter and UK-based Haddington Knight, a company that uses science to improve business performance, has found through his research that “Employees who put at least one picture or a plant in their cubicle are 15% more productive than those who don’t.” This research explains that a simple photo or plant on a desk, makes workers happier as it provides them with a sense of identity and in relation to the photo, a sense of motivation.

The Note Tower Document Clip not only holds up to three photos or three 3in x 3in sticky notes, but also enables the fast interchange of these papers. Users can easily swap out favorite photos with new ones thereby allowing them to maintain an enriched workspace, as compared to a standard desktop photo frame which can be cumbersome for consumers to swap photos.

The Monitor Document Clip is also an ergonomic tool with its ability to neatly hold documents at eye level which reduces eye and neck strain by mitigating repetitive neck movements when looking down to reference desktop documents. By holding documents next to a monitor, the Monitor Document Clip also boosts typing speed & accuracy whilst promoting a healthy ergonomic posture. The clever design allows the Monitor Document Clip to attach to the top & sides of desk monitors and laptops, making it the perfect tool for video calls:

For under $20 the Note Tower Monitor Document Clip is a new cost-effective tool that allows for the personalization of workspaces with the neat display of inspiring photos which add much-needed life to boring workspaces whilst boosting productivity by up to 15%. It also unclutters sticky notes and ergonomically displays documents.

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