Renowned Pharma Sales Trainer Ms Smita Kulkarni Will Be Hosting a Mentoring Program for Pharma Salesforce

The mentoring program for Pharma salesforce by Ms Smita is designed for persons with a sales career in the Pharma industry, anyone requiring leadership training, and women on the path of career progress

There is no gainsaying that there is a lack of accurate mentorship programs for Pharma salespersons, which directly impacts their performance and market share. While there are Aggregators who help salespeople connect with like-minded peers, mentorship is not really in place. Mentoring can help salespeople focus on their primary job and empower them with the right skillsets to close more deals.

To provide Pharma sales personnel with the right mentoring, they need to achieve success and move the ranks, Ms. Smita Kulkarni has announced a mentorship program. The program will be open to persons with a sales career in the Pharma industry, anyone requiring leadership training, and women on the path of career progress. Participants will be leveraging the expertise of Ms Smita in building a successful career as a salesperson in the Pharma industry.

For over three decades, Ms Smita journeyed from being a Medical Sales Rep to an L & D Head in top Pharmaceutical companies like Ipca and FDC. She has empowered over 20,000 individuals to become successful Sales Reps & Sales Managers, led and contributed to developing a team of sixteen trainers as L & D Head. Even after 30+ years, Ms Smita is still committed to driving the growth and progress of senior leaders and sales professionals in the industry.

Ms Smita’s mentoring program has helped shaped the lives of thousands in the Pharma industry in India. Several testimonials singing the praises of the Pharma sales coach have been published in many quarters around the industry. According to Mr Ravikant Pal, currently Sr. Manager Training of Wallace Pharmaceuticals, “I knew Ms Smita Kulkarni since the beginning of my career and met her in a training program about 14 years ago. I also got an opportunity to work with her as a Trainer. She is excellent in her domain and is a great leader. She is an expert in L & D, Pharma Sales Training, Leadership development, employee engagement, and HR functions. I learned a lot and groomed under her. When you seek a solution related to your pharmaceutical sales, marketing, HR, and training needs, she is the best person you can contact.”

Through her upcoming mentoring program, Ms Smita Kulkarni is setting a new standard in empowering recruiters and improving succession planning for pharmaceutical companies. With Ms Smita’s proven mentoring track, anyone can work towards being a better pharma  Sales Rep or Pharma Sales  Manager as participants will learn from real case studies and will be able to apply what they learned to improve their performance.

Connect with Ms Smita Kulkarni on LinkedIn via and for more information, call the number +917665810111 or send an email to

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