Davide Maria Coltro: Pioneering digital arts long before NFTs

The virtual world that will host the event is about to open.

July 12, 2021 – As an artist, Davide Coltro has often been at the forefront of digital technologies, even before the current worldwide explosion of NFTs. Over the years, he developed some unique electronic canvases, allowing him to broadcast his digital work and use his creativity in unique ways.

With over 150 exhibitions under his belt, Mr. Coltro had the opportunity to show his work through some of Italy’s best-known museums and events. While Coltro’s work is very innovative, it also has strong ties with the history of art and with the avant-garde movements throughout the world. This is particularly apparent in Coltro’s “Quadri Mediali,” which truly revolutionize the concept of what a painting can be in this day and age.

Recently, he set out to explore the world of NFTs with a new groundbreaking collection focusing on crypto art.

The artist said that he “feels at home” with NFTs, given his digital art background. As opposed to a traditional painter, Mr. Coltro is quite accustomed to the digital format. “Everything feels very natural to me, and I am very enthusiastic about NFTs,” – he later commented.

On July 13th, Davide Coltro is going to debut one of his most ambitious projects to date. His first 3 NFTs artworks, belonging to the “Still Life With Object and Colorful Fly” collection, will be available on the Binance NFT marketplace. To mark the event, Coltro is going to host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session for Binance NFT’s Telegram community.

If this wasn’t enough, Davide Coltro will also launch his very own art gallery on The Nemesis, which will open on July 13th as well.

The Nemesis is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about platforms in the world of NFTs and beyond. This virtual universe enables visitors to actively interact with artists and their works and participate in a wide variety of events with customizable avatars, as opposed to just being passive viewers. The gallery within The Nemesis will feature all of Coltro’s work within a very unique and, dare we say, even suspenseful setting. In addition to the works of art themselves, the event will also host other well-known figures in the Art scene, including Andrea Concas, who will be on from 9:30 pm CEST on the 13th with Davide Coltro and Amelia Tomasicchio, the CEO of The Cryptonomist.

In order to attend, you only need to follow the following link: https://thenemesis.io/@davidecoltro

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