Famed Law Professor, Robert LeVine, Does What’s Never Been Done Before or Since

‘The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy’ by Robert LeVine is the first and only book in history of its kind. This ground-breaking book demystifies complicated law that affects consumers all day every day, in a user-friendly manner unlike any law book which has ever been written. It is the only one in the history of legal education written in an engaging short story novel format!

In today’s world, an understanding of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) can give a distinctive advantage to every consumer whether in business or personal transactions. While having expertise in the UCC is imperative for the successful practice of law, it is also vital for business people and everyday consumers alike, to have the know-how of the UCC to deal with commercial matters wisely and prevent unfortunate catastrophic losses. ‘The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy’, a long time best seller, is the first and only book in history to translate and explain a major area of complex law through the vehicle of a short-story-novel. The book is specifically written to provide the readers with a holistic understanding of the code and empowers them with knowledge to successfully engage in consumer and or business transactions, confidently.

‘The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy’ is written to help the readers comprehend the nuances of the code and implement the learning in real life. There is no similar book which contains so much law condensed in short spaces and is also easily understandable to readers from all walks of life. Professor Robert LeVine understands well the strategic advantage people get after becoming well versed with the code. This knowledge enables the readers to become smarter than their lawyers and save their business from uncertain losses.

The power to achieve rapid and successful dispute resolution on-the-spot, is dramatically increased by a solid, working knowledge of the Uniform Commercial Code.  Frankly, if you don’t have that knowledge you are at a strategic disadvantage in today’s marketplace” – Professor Robert LeVine

The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy’ also makes the consumers aware of the many substantial rights they have in connection with commercial transactions. Furthermore, the book lays out the necessary steps to be taken to protect these rights.

Professor Robert LeVine has written The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy in a way that entertains, enlightens and empowers the readers while simultaneously guiding them through the powerful content of the UCC. The book has received national and world renowned endorsements and has become a long-time Best Seller on Amazon Business Law Best Seller’s list. Professor LeVine comes with decades of experience in teaching the Uniform Commercial Code as a famed Law Professor and over a decade of experience speaking to Business and Professional Organizations, including State Bar Associations, throughout the United States as a sought after, featured CLE presenter teaching his highly popular course covering The Uniform Commercial Code in one day – the equivalent to two years of law school.  Due to the immense experience and the in-depth knowledge of Professor Robert LeVine, the book has become the go-to source for understanding the UCC like never before.

“I was amazed. I never thought it possible to make the UCC interesting. But I was wrong. For  once, I had read a book that made me understand the contents and interrelationships of the Code sections and at the same time I enjoyed reading it.” – F. William Harvey, JD, Wharton, MBA, Former Financial Comptroller for Citibank International

About the Book:

The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy’, by Robert LeVine, is the first and only book in the history of legal education written in the form of an entertaining short-story narrative. Steps necessary to protect the consumer’s valuable rights are explained step-by-step through the experiences of the characters in the book and the ongoing commercial transactions they engage in every day.

‘The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy’, with its short-story novel format is winning readers over in and out of the legal field. The book has received world and nationally recognized endorsements and continues to enjoy a coveted spot on the Amazon Business Law Best Seller’s list.

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