SECURAM, leading security solutions provider helps safeguard valuables with its Safe Monitor

SECURAM Systems, Inc. (“SECURAM”) is a leading manufacturer of high security products used to secure bank vaults, ATMs, cash safes, pharmaceutical safes, gun safes and residential safes the world over. 

SECURAM’s innovative products including their SMART Safe Locks, network connected commercial safe locks and fingerprint safe locks, are a testament to SECURAM’s unwavering commitment to maintaining its position as the pioneer of innovative security technologies. SECURAM has broken ground yet again, with the launch of their newest security technology innovation: The Safe Monitor.

Chunlei Zhou, CEO of SECURAM, is confident in their strategic direction as they expand product offerings to the smart home segment. “We are proud that we have been able to bring innovative security solutions to the high security industry for the past 16 years. We are now very excited to be leveraging this security expertise to develop smart products that not only are secure but will also bring benefit to consumers in the smart home space.”

SECURAM’s Safe Monitor is a ‘smart’ add-on to any safe — even safes with old-style mechanical locks. The Safe Monitor is installed inside your safe and connects to your home Wi-Fi network.  The Safe Monitor reports temperature, humidity, door open status and vibration to the SECURAM Smart Home app.

Knowing the temperature and humidity inside your safe is important to ensure your valuables are not experiencing environmental deterioration or degradation.  This can apply to important documents, valuable firearms, jewelry, family photos and other precious valuables that are stored in your safe.

The Safe Monitor’s components are as follows.

1. High-performance IoT Wi-Fi module.

2. Two (2) Wi-Fi antennas. One (1) is for internal use; the other is to extend the Safe Monitor’s Wi-Fi range when necessary.

3. Semiconductor vibration sensor, for reliable vibration measurements.

4. Three (3) AA alkaline batteries. Up to 1-year battery life.

5. State-of-the-art light sensor for motion detection.

Using the SECURAM Smart Home app, you can set the acceptable temperature and humidity ranges inside the safe.  If the temperature or humidity levels fall out of the set threshold, the Safe Monitor will push alert notifications straight to your phone.

Using its built-in optical light sensor, the Safe Monitor can detect door status.  When someone opens the safe, an alert is issued to the smartphone app.  Likewise, if your safe is under attack, the Safe Monitor’s vibration sensor will be triggered, allowing you to take action to maintain security of your valuables.

“SECURAM has become synonymous with innovation in the security space. The Safe Monitor is another example of innovative thinking in the safe industry. With The Safe Monitor, even safes with older style mechanical locks can become smart.  The app makes it very easy to install and set up.  Now safe owners will have vital information right at their fingertips” says Jeremy Brookes, Director of Sales with SECURAM. 

Adding smarts to your safe has never been easier.  Place the Safe Monitor inside your safe, install (3) AA batteries, connect to your Wi-Fi network, download the free app for iOS and Android and begin monitoring.  That’s it. There are no monthly fees associated with the Safe Monitor.

The Safe Monitor is the ideal add-on for gun safe owners.  Firearms collectors and gun enthusiasts want to ensure that their firearms are properly stored for safety and security but also want to be assured that they are stored within an appropriate environment – generally between 65 to 75 degrees F and 40% to 60% RH.  The Safe Monitor helps to safeguard their investment.

While the Safe Monitor has been designed specifically for safes, it can be used in a variety of different applications including cabinets, climate-controlled rooms and storage boxes, and document storage containers. Anywhere that security and environmental conditions of valuables are important to be managed.

SECURAM has taken all relevant factors into consideration in its conceptualization and release of the Safe Monitor. The result is a matchless piece of technology which serves to empower gun owners to protect their guns from the unseen threats presented by the ever-changing environment.  SECURAM’s Safe Monitor, the smart choice.    


SECURAM is a world-renowned security company headquartered in Los Angeles, offering electronic safe lock solutions for high security applications including bank vaults, ATMs, commercial cash safes, pharmaceutical safes, gun safes, and residential safes.

With over 30 years of experience in the high security industry, SECURAM has recently launched a series of smart home products for the home, including the SECURAM Touch, smart fingerprint deadbolt; smart window and door sensors to monitor perimeter security, smart safe locks and now the Safe Monitor.

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