Air Freshener Marketing Offers Unique Branding Opportunities Post Covid

Air Freshener Marketing provides custom car air fresheners for businesses that strive to not just meet but exceed customer expectations.

Air Freshener Marketing designs, creates, and handles custom-made air fresheners across the United States. The brand’s products are meant to make the first impressions uniquely positive:

“Our product is a “surprise and delight” solution for businesses of all types. It works especially well for businesses that connect with their customers face-to-face at a high volume. Big gestures are appreciated, but Air Freshener Marketing and our partners know: it’s the little, unexpected surprises that matter the most.”

Air Freshener Marketing was founded during the pandemic and has worked with customers all over the country to produce millions of stand-out custom air fresheners for their clients.

Air Freshener Marketing was met with a warm reception from consumers, entrepreneurs, and CEOs alike. Derek Irick recommends the brand’s products, stating:

I can’t even tell you how many times people have commented about my air fresheners as part of my marketing. Aden and his crew do an awesome job with designing, packing, and handling it. Would recommend anyone to try it out and see for yourself. Absolutely love my orders and doing business with them.”

“We founded Air Freshener Marketing with one goal in mind: providing a high-quality, smart, and unique opportunity for our clients to be the center of attention for their clients. We keep it simple, with our 3 easy steps ordering system. “

Air Freshener Marketing also offers graphic design services for companies and entrepreneurs who still don’t have their logos. Their team of graphic designers can be hired for $99 to create or redesign the logo/custom design.

Big gestures are appreciated, but Air Freshener Marketing and our partners know: it’s the little, unexpected surprises that matter the most. Like a handwritten thank you note, the barista who has your order memorized and always greets you by name, and a business who gives you a freebie “just because”.

Small in size, but big in impact, branded air fresheners:

–  Allow businesses to pleasantly surprise clients in a cost-effective yet memorable way.
–  Stimulate the senses and conversation. With every inhale and every glance at the rear-view mirror, clients and their passengers are reminded of the business that gifted it to them.
–  Provide businesses with their own bite-sized billboard space in cars all around the country.

The company offers free shipping while the estimated shipping time is approximately three weeks. Orders of 10,000 units and beyond typically take longer to arrive. 

More information about Air Freshener Marketing can be found on the brand’s official website.

We are eagerly awaiting to hear how we can help you reach your customers through custom air fresheners.

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