Parsonstko Announces New Data Innovation Studio

Starting in July 2021, ParsonsTKO will launch an independent research membership program borne of their consulting services that will provide insights into new solutions for various problems facing mission-driven organizations. 

Led by Chief Analytics Officer, Stefan Byrd-Krueger, the purpose of the PTKO Data Innovation Studio is to help nonprofits and mission-driven organizations understand their data in a new way and support innovative problem solving through detailed analysis and collaborative design within and across the sector.

“Nonprofits command and have access to an incredible wealth of data, which is woefully underutilized as a strategic asset,” said Byrd-Krueger. “With this program organizations will tap into this value with collectively developed solutions that would be out of reach for most organizations individually.”

Through the program, staff from organizational members will be able to access the independent research arm and pose investigative questions to a team of experts and to other member organizations for collaboration.

The first study slated to begind in July will focus on content lifecycles for think tanks and similar organizations centered on positioning their content as thought leaders. The study will run until the end of 2021 and the participants will receive insights, methodology sessions, and supporting resources to optimize the way they plan, produce, publish, and promote content.

The firm’s Data Strategy team will analyze the impact of the large volumes of content these organizations publish and how data can be used to optimize their content strategies and content operations moving forward. ParsonsTKO is seeking 20 organizations to join and participate in the study.

The initial cohort of members will be a part of additional studies as well. Upcoming studies being planned include brand analytics, data for audience research and messaging, the role of data in Human Resources, as well as issue-specific studies based on member interest. Beyond receiving insights from the studio, members will also be given opportunities to inform the direction of each study. After a study is completed, those who participate will be able to contribute to and access any shared datasets and data exploration tools as well as being able to share their findings with their community.

For more information on how your organization can participate in this imaginative research program, please visit our website.

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