Heymedica – One of the most surprising start-ups in Europe

The prestigious European website https://www.speedinvest.com/ analysed the potential of medical start-ups in the EU and especially in Eastern Europe which is the cradle of well-known companies that have become Unicorns such as UIPath, Avast or Telerik. One of the analyzed companies is the medical start-up Heymedica.com – an innovative concept that unites the whole Europe in a single platform. Under the concept “One Europe, One Health, One Platform”, Heymedica is practically the first medical and analytical booking at European level, with a high degree of complexity.

The platform’s architecture is very comprehensive and complex and runs on an “all in one” structure, where all medical providers can be found in one place (hospitals, doctors, clinics, dentists, laboratories, pharmacies). It covers 27 countries and all the information is available in 10 languages… (we already see a big potential for international growth and coverage).  “One World, One Health, One Platform” can be configured anywhere and has the potential to become a medical wordpress or, even better – a medical facebook).

Sursa: https://www.speedinvest.com/blog/digital-health-in-europe-the-untapped-potential-of-cee

Basically, Heymedica solves a communication problem well known at EU level, an that’s what places it among the most interesting start-ups, with the potential of becoming a medical Unicorn. It is for the first time that the entire European medical system is amassed in a single platform. At the moment, each country has its own data base, on each type of provider, such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacies or dentists. These data are collected in various national platforms, more or less representative, which brings a lot of confusion at European level. The fact that any European citizen can search for a healthcare provider in his native language, in any country, using just one platform, is an extraordinary accomplishment.

Another problem that Heymedica solves is the ability of finding a medical provider nearby, with just one click. For example, someone is in search of a hospital or a pharmacy somewhere in Greece or Germany, within a hundred km area. Using Heymedica, the search can be done, with the best and reliable results, in just a few seconds, all over Europe.

The A.I. is something to be considered, because it is designed to search for symptoms or medical services, anywhere in Europe, in the native language of any user. Very particular are also the analytical features offered by the platform. They are designed to assist medical providers who can improve their business by making use of the data provided by the platform. This is available for the premium accounts, the most complex section to be found among all the studied start-ups, very similar to a medical linkedin.

The Heymedica platform contains the first hospital ranking based exclusively on patient feedback that measures quality on three components: level of comfort, quality of services and quality of staff. Furthermore, each medical provider is evaluated by three indicators: waiting time, courtesy and patient recommendation. And we have to mention the fact that all of these can be used for free! Virtually any medical service provider can register for free and benefit from a multitude of facilities. In the end, if you are not in Heymedica, you do not exist! The start-up monetization comes from big data and data analysis, but also from subscriptions for those who want to have access to marketing data for medical providers. This is, in fact, the first analytic google which focuses on the health system, in a unique and inovative way.

Heymedica is preparing to become the most complex medical unicorn in Eastern Europe, that has been in operation for five years. It is still at the prototype stage, tests are being run, but we must definitely follow this start-up that changes the whole perspective by approaching the complex paradigm of medical services at European level in “One Europe, One Health, One Platform”.

You can test it here: www.heymedica.com

Contact: office@heymedica.com

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