Introducing Little Black Truth: The Mini Docu-Series Igniting Cultural Conversations Rooted in Empathy

Directed by Emmanuel Blessed, Little Black Truth Exposes the Full Scope of Racism Through Pure and Concise Honesty

If a conversation is hard, it’s probably the one worth having. The events of 2020 shed a light on systemic racism around the world, but through what lens? Who is telling the story? Various narratives fuelled by mainstream media have perpetuated stereotypes and biases without paying mind to the truth. Committed to revealing the true reality of racism through real stories by real people, UK-based film director Emmanuel Blessed created, Little Black Truth; a mini docu-series designed to challenge inner biases while igniting productive, empathetic conversations about racism.

The reality of systemic racism lies within our communities. It’s the real-world experiences of our brothers, sisters, neighbors, teachers, doctors, and children. The Little Black Truth series takes an emotive approach to storytelling to extract biases, reengage empathy, and emphasize the underlying truth that we are all human and should celebrate our differences. 

Emmanuel Blessed’s vulnerable approach to film-making evaluates systemic racism from all angles, including various micro-aggressions, forcing viewers to evaluate their own biases and their own actions. As the world continues to have conversations about race, Little Black Truth acts as a gateway to approaching these conversations with children, universities, and even in the workplace; empowering communities around the world to speak their truth and educate others. 

“My goal is to open the curtains for everyone to see what is really happening and realize there isn’t much difference here. We are all human – the ‘Human race’ and our aesthetic difference’s should be celebrated not condemned.” Emmanuel Blessed, Director

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to cultivating a society that celebrates each other’s differences; Emmanuel Blessed’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the Little Black Truth docu-series. 

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Emmanuel Blessed is a filmmaker and is a visionary entrepreneur based in the UK, whose work has crossed into fashion, editorials, advertisements, music, and sports. Renowned for creating unique experiences through video production and film-making, Emmanuel’s passion for storytelling through emotive imagery takes viewers on a journey that pushes the boundaries of modern film. Unabashed and powerfully poignant, Emmanuel’s commitment to transparency and authenticity has been the catalyst driving the social and political conversations that lead to generational change. A master of his craft, with over 15 years experience, he recently released the start of his latest docu-series, Little Black Truth. Inspired by the George Floyd protests, audiences take on a new lens to comprehend the uncomfortable truth surrounding societal stereotypes and biases pertaining to race.





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